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  • All Tiny Creatures

    Album title: Dark Clock
    Record Label: Hometapes
    by John Noyd
    May 2013
    (1699) Page Views

    All Tiny Creatures - Dark Clock

    All Tiny Creatures - Dark Clock

    Synaptic bubble-wrap trapped in chattering catacombs, feather-weight cages and overlapping mattresses of calculating palpations, “Clock,” unlocks honeyed prog-pop harmonics fueled by shiny cyber-vibes deploying midi-fidgety sequences from paisley-flavored generators. Tantalizing mechanical fantasies sheathed in chrome and slathered in foam, the angelic, relentlessly kinetic ATC’s coy android chorals swirl and unfurl in pumped-up pomp; ravishing pastoral pageantry blanketed in space-age grace.

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