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  • Brian Eno and Rick Holland

    Album title: Drums Between Bells
    Record Label: Warp
    by John Noyd
    July 2011
    (1851) Page Views

    Brian Eno and Rick Holland - Drums Between Bells

    Brian Eno and Rick Holland - Drums Between Bells

    Spinning vigorously digitized Afro-pop and mesmerizing New Age, Eno pairs mystical rhythms and primordial chorales against Holland’s calm truths and processed epiphanies. Manipulated palettes gallop as velvety ooze moves through synthetic stews, grouping moody mathematics around deprogrammed metaphysics. Integrating techno-speak from cyber-specters and vivid images from androgynous monologists, “Drums,” plummet crystal epistles past philosophical obstacles, scorching horns and jazzy patterns.

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