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  • Ex Cops

    Album title: True Hallucinations
    Record Label: Other Music
    by John Noyd
    December 2012
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    Ex Cops - True Hallucinations

    Ex Cops - True Hallucinations

    Blanketing fuzzed-out power-pop beneath plush harmonies, multi-layered jangle and two-ply pile-drivers, “Hallucinations,” craves scathing escape cradling patient conveyance inside stormy formulas. Reverb-laden sages blazing between infectious directness and blinding hindsight, Cops cushions breathy addresses in frothy melodic waves of corrosive cocktails. Fog-bound boppers rockin’ narcoleptic pep, these deep-shag masterminds unleash roofied Cupids pitching headstrong monologues buried in soft, glimmering stimulants. 

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