Dressy Bessy

Album title: Fast Faster Disaster
Record Label: Yep Roc
by John Noyd
May 2019
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Dressy Bessy - Fast Faster Disaster

Dressy Bessy - Fast Faster Disaster

Armed to the teeth with svelte belters, double-shot taunts and slash-and-burn purrs, Dressy Bessy’s arresting endeavors spawn con-artist angels avenging club-house outcasts stripping pompous romps down to skin-tight skirmishes. Rabid doo-wop ballads trapping jagged scat-rap chit-chat, “Disaster,” matches fussy shrugs and feigned disdain to sweet-tart alt-rock cabaret, lusty tussles primed for devilish rebellions schooled in institutional foolishness and risk-free teases.

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