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  • Tom Rogerson with Brian Eno

    Album title: Finding Shore
    Record Label: Dead Oceans
    by John Noyd
    November 2017
    (703) Page Views

    Tom Rogerson with Brian Eno - Finding Shore

    Tom Rogerson with Brian Eno - Finding Shore

    The tranquil migrations surrounding, “Shore,” layer wayward raids over methodical odysseys; a gaggle of tadpole wiggles seeking leap-frogging cosmic frequencies through exploratory detours massaging delicate tensions.  Pondering wand-waving improvisations, Rogerson’s instrumental solos split into prismatic passages beneath Eno’s manipulating minimalist impulses as one’s ideas grow into another’s paint-box playground where multi-colored themes blissfully drip on planetary canvases in swarming non-conformity.

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