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  • Eleni Mandell

    Album title: I Can See The Future
    Record Label: Yep Roc
    by John Noyd
    June 2012
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    Eleni Mandell - I Can See The Future

    Eleni Mandell - I Can See The Future

    Silky smooth coos brewed in rich bewitching mysteries from casually bashful infatuations, Mandell’s proud high-brow country-soul lavishes jazz-drizzled melancholy over torch-song teases lulling supple alley-cat passions around folk couture, sad bachelor ballads poured over cuddly cocktail rebuttals.  Trembling gems on thorny crowns and Chantilly lace, “Future,” speculate in tarot cards and tamed mustangs, beatnik chamber-pop that undulates in twilight sighs.

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