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  • Suuns

    Album title: Images du Futur
    Record Label: Secretly Canadian
    by John Noyd
    February 2013
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    Suuns - Images du Futur

    Suuns - Images du Futur

    Spell-bound and bubble-wrapped, rendering menacing chemistry between hypnotic electronics and sluggish mumbles, half-starved guitars stitch twitchy riffs to shivering rhythms; “Images,” pulses, drives and scrambles, steeped in slow strobe-light aerobics, creepy industrial-rock hydraulics and thieving, deviant dervishes. Drainpipe arias dredged from rubbery presumptions, Suuns’ jittery pictures paint narrow escapes from plastic caskets and tense, high-beam seizures from throbbing, zombie fevers.

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