Matt and Kim

Album title: New Glow
Record Label: Harvest
by John Noyd
March 2015
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Matt and Kim - New Glow

Matt and Kim - New Glow

Twisting big-top pop-rock with gleeful glitches into pinky-swear double-dares inside party-down kisses, Brooklyn’s kite-flying tour-guides Matt and Kim’s summer-fun conundrums parlay an uber-exuberant Rube Goldberg surge of post-apocalyptic mirth laced in rhyming irony and duplicitous mischief. From neon-ripped hip-hop to Technicolor dub dipped in playful Casio kitsch, “Glow,” unrolls auto-tuned Romper-rooms papered in neighborhood nostalgia, flash-mob enthusiasm and chronic honesty.

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