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  • Dry Cleaning

    Album title: New Long Leg
    Record Label: 4AD
    by John Noyd
    March 2021
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    Dry Cleaning - New Long Leg

    Dry Cleaning - New Long Leg

    Irresistibly aloof, intensely menacing and passively magnetic, “Leg,” weds posh hypnotic scoffs to ominous hopped-up rock, concocting fiery wiry dialogues between haughty squalor and retooled cool. Prickly post-punk cynics, Dry Cleaning lures fashionably jagged thrash into squirming urban settings, cagey jaded cadence trolling droll boa constrictor trickery where slithery misfit twists merge with withering insistence, estranged disdain and casual malice.

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