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  • Noga Erez

    Album title: Off The Radar
    Record Label: City Slang
    by John Noyd
    May 2017
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    Noga Erez - Off The Radar

    Noga Erez - Off The Radar

    Succulent grime plops dollops of basement sound-polyps atop, “Off,” to skitter in coin-roll rhythms, punching grungy gunshot-drums under flinty zip-line synths while slinky banshee samples unfold around probing split-screen vocals. From needy mediator to temptress messenger, Erez prowls through clairvoyant clamor; sending sassy trap-beat panache and solemn art-pop calm through broken post-millennial prisms focused on escape-plan precision and street-wise conviction.

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