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  • Waxahatchee

    Album title: Out In The Storm
    Record Label: Merge
    by John Noyd
    June 2017
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    Waxahatchee - Out In The Storm

    Waxahatchee - Out In The Storm

    Battering-ram stamina paired with outspoken vocals, “Storm,” marries adversarial resilience to unapologetic messages, determined street-punk burns to whitewater-tossed logic and survivalist defiance to unselfish confession. Alt-rock cherry-bombs dropped into solid methodical introspection, Waxahatchee’s karmic kamikaze dives headfirst into conflict-rich situations with hindsight snipes hiding sensitive memories with impeccable rejection. A mesmerizing performer, Waxahatchee plays Madison’s High Noon Saloon July 20th.

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