The Deadly Gentlemen

Album title: Roll Me, Tumble Me
Record Label: Rounder
by John Noyd
June 2013
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The Deadly Gentlemen - Roll Me, Tumble Me

The Deadly Gentlemen - Roll Me, Tumble Me

Vibrant and resourceful, TDG’s traditional blue-grass line-up revel in elaborate narratives, scene-stealing playfulness and folk-rock leanings, the wistfully twisted Boston quintet’s runaway-train changes pit brisk riffs against unstoppable chops as each member’s voice gathers steam unleashing serene harmonies.  Peppered in tasty jam-band grand-slamming, “Roll,” coasts in casual one-upmanship; quietly providing a spidery drive to dive-bombing romps double-dipped in top-tapping happiness.

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