Laetitia Sadier

Album title: Silencio
Record Label: Drag City
by John Noyd
July 2012
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Laetitia Sadier - Silencio

Laetitia Sadier - Silencio

Ethereal material framed in plush Parisian affection, “Silencio,” pools cool Moulin Rouge blues into philharmonic saunas; aloof pursuits coated in cat-walked politics and inspired by fatalistic innocence. Chiffon swan-songs spawned from Afro-Cuban roots, Sadier’s sly Campari safaris swish, dip and swoon coaxing post-nuclear grooves from luscious comforts, prickly insistence and educated hesitations. Stereolab’s former chanteuse plays UW-Madison’s Terrace September 29th

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