Album title: Tales of a GrassWidow
Record Label: Self-Release
by John Noyd
April 2013
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CocoRosie - Tales of a GrassWidow

CocoRosie - Tales of a GrassWidow

Dainty, daunting dervishes, CocoRosie’s sleepy freak-folk opuses embrace tasty hip-hop art-pop for quirky bursts working sonic sorcery. Eerie queries turn provocative prophecies while fractured mash-ups blend lysergic lullabies into an intriguing seasoning of post-millennial fairy-tales and coy, primordial short-stories. Haunting concerts of studio doodles flickering in whimsical serendipity, “GrassWidow,” possesses unexpected cyber-treasures unearthing nurturing caresses in cauldrons coddling candle-lit enchantments.

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