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  • The Loom

    Album title: Teeth
    Record Label: Crossbill Records
    by John Noyd
    October 2011
    (1852) Page Views

    The Loom - Teeth

    The Loom - Teeth

    Bravely wavering between well-heeled alt-rock squalor and rustic murder-ballad pageantry, “Teeth,” embraces embroidered warrior voyages. Swooning in musical courtship, admonished sonics stir sea-worthy furies for elegantly tweaked chamber-folk fevers. The Loom’s hushed rustler’s rhetoric and wild-eyed folk-revival fosters sprawling banjo to brass passages, rip-roaring chorales built from war-torn madrigals reaping bonfire finales. The Brooklyn quintet plays UW’s Rathskellar November 12th.

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