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  • The Black Ryder

    Album title: The Door Behind the Door
    Record Label: The Anti-Machine Machine
    by John Noyd
    February 2015
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    The Black Ryder - The Door Behind the Door

    The Black Ryder - The Door Behind the Door

    Vivid psycho-tribal simmering washed in haunting folk-goth simplicity, The Black Ryder’s starlit spider-web tapestries glow, draped in swamp-gas visions born from tumble-weed fevers. Finger-picked gifts rippling in slow-boiled riffs and disembodied choirs, “Door,” unlocks celestial textures, unleashing bare-boned moans from drowsy, drowning rapture; delicate treasures whose screeching, skyscraper-blues smolder, console and seduce through diaphanous passions, woefully floating below shark-infested loneliness.

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