Mark Mallman

Album title: The End Is Not The End
Record Label: Polkadot Mayhem
by John Noyd
February 2016
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Mark Mallman - The End Is Not The End

Mark Mallman - The End Is Not The End

Cheeky synth-rock blockbusters sprinkled in pop-culture touchstones uncoil panoramic calamities as Minnesota’s Mallman conjures ranting ear-candy fantasies from intricate survivalist’s instincts wielding studio-rattled razzle-dazzle. Lathered in flashy bombast, belittling wit and circumvented tension, “End,” sends lavish gadget-packed nostalgia into post-modern quandaries, constructing crushing sounds of heartfelt meltdowns from irreverent, cross-referenced intelligence marinated in daring flair, satirical lyrics and combustible hustle.

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