Album title: thefearofmissingout
Record Label: Hot Records Ltd
by John Noyd
July 2012
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Thenewno2 - thefearofmissingout

Thenewno2 - thefearofmissingout

Sci-fi spies trolling dream-soaked decadence, gregarious guttersnipes, Thenewno2 spin grinning, systemic webs dredged in sweat and edgy threats; cautionary tales from predatory explorers. A gangly chain of tawdry flotsam looped into haughty admonishments, “thefearofmissingout.” packs Blade Runner stunners slithering in illicit dimness and slowly glowing boasts orbiting sizzling visions dripping in lizard-rock trickery and floundering fantasy ground from blurry underworld-blues.

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