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  • Marc Marzenit

    Album title: To Love Until We Say Goodbye
    Record Label: Natura Sonoris
    by John Noyd
    November 2014
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    Marc Marzenit - To Love Until We Say Goodbye

    Marc Marzenit - To Love Until We Say Goodbye

    Smooth tubular moods melt icy cyber-prog into vacuum-sealed Ferris wheels as, “Until,” splashes classical sass alongside boggling ping-pong marathons rich in modulated waterfalls and oceanic tantrums. Filling half-life labyrinths with computer-generated vertigo, dazzling urban ambiance and finely-knitted glitch, Marzenit’s inquisitive rhythms slither in slinky lava-lamp stampedes, half-Lamborghini, half-lamprey, picture-perfect sport for dance-floor courts and tube-way stations dipped in sci-fi head-trips.

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