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  • Donna the Buffalo

    Album title: Tonight Yesterday and Tomorrow
    Record Label: Sugar Hill Records
    by John Noyd
    May 2013
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    Donna the Buffalo - Tonight Yesterday and Tomorrow

    Donna the Buffalo - Tonight Yesterday and Tomorrow

    Bouncing between Cajun-baked hoedowns, bayou squeezebox teasers and calico mountaintop jamborees, DtB’s roots-riddled country-rock hops, skips and boogies, roasted and bolstered by smokin’ blues organ, slippery hillbilly fiddle and funky electric-guitar. Lively, laidback swamp-water blossoms arranged around frisky epiphanies, “Tonight,” plants home-grown peace and love in flower-powered honky-tonk whose rockin’ good-will two-steps between groovy patchouli zydeco and tasty jam-band reggae.

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