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  • Anoushka Shankar

    Album title: Traces of You
    Record Label: Deusche Grammophon
    by John Noyd
    October 2013
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    Anoushka Shankar - Traces of You

    Anoushka Shankar - Traces of You

    Poised between soothing tranquility and restless beckoning, “Traces,” blazes with feathery dexterity; each piece featuring discrete treats that swiftly shift from soothing dove-tailed duels to ravenous flocks of rapid chops. Speeding, pleading, weeping and creeping, Shankar’s sensuous sitar extracts dazzling magic traveling effortlessly from enchanted world-pop revisions to classical Indian traditions slithering past elegant piano, electronic beats and feverish percussion.

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