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  • Martin Frawley

    Album title: Undone at 31
    Record Label: Merge
    by John Noyd
    January 2019
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    Martin Frawley - Undone at 31

    Martin Frawley - Undone at 31

    Youthful troubadour days ripen into descriptive reminisces and keen self-examination as, “Undone,” strums and plunges, stalking and balking with distracting challenges wrapped in genre-hopping pop-punk passions. Smart, perceptive and articulate, Frawley’s solid observations find common ground in bouncy modesty, laidback hindsight and droll consolations; well-paved escapades braving clever fair-weather speculations anchored in leveraged memories, court-jester regrets and small-town pawn-shop monologues.

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