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  • Dent May

    Album title: Warm Blanket
    Record Label: Paw Tracks
    by John Noyd
    July 2013
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    Dent May - Warm Blanket

    Dent May - Warm Blanket

    Sunny conundrums washed in lovesick riffs and dreamy caramel harmonies, “Warm,” fuses crooning doo-wop, posh brass and tropical twang into shy, pining reminders swimming in swinging bedroom-pop binges. Cozy trophies from youthful truths, May’s bittersweet treats are starry-eyed arias packed with precocious notions, cherished embellishment and choir-boy benevolence. A cherubic troubadour possessing multiple talents, Dent plays UW’s Terrace September 19th.

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