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  • Snowflake

    Album title: We All Grow Towards the Sea
    Record Label: self-release
    by John Noyd
    November 2013
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    Snowflake - We All Grow Towards the Sea

    Snowflake - We All Grow Towards the Sea

    Knitting nebulous webs of strong-armed carnivals, the heroic Snowflake orchestrates lumbering concussions scattered among flirty vertigo and thundering slumber. Dream-rock finesse condensed, producer D. James Goodwin bestows, “Grow,” with heft and grandeur; clobbering the somber with intoxicating grogginess for triumphant gravitas, shifting-sand panoramas stitching gauzy causes to complex stretches for block-buster theatrics address wrenching repentance with a gracefully joyous poise.

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