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  • Girlpool

    Album title: What Chaos is Imaginary
    Record Label: Anti-
    by John Noyd
    January 2019
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    Girlpool - What Chaos is Imaginary

    Girlpool - What Chaos is Imaginary

    Wide-eyed DIY adventurers, Girlpool’s infectious folk-punk gumption expands into nuanced choral-pop confections built from wholesale exuberance, centered incandescence and authentic sentiment then adding breathless depth, thoughtful polish and selective effects. Surrounded by plush, muscular daydreams leapfrogging into symphonic honky-tonk, the curious, “Chaos,” spawns fawning vaudeville concoctions radiating sumptuous stadium flame-outs, coffee-shop chops merging intimate string bridges to unlocked bedroom jangle.

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