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  • Pins

    Album title: Wild Nights
    Record Label: Bella Union
    by John Noyd
    May 2015
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    Pins - Wild Nights

    Pins - Wild Nights

    Surly purrs imbedded in smirking mascara-lined dirges laid over brittle stiletto-rock insurgence from subterranean palladiums, “Wild,” files venomous memories, assembling jilted jigsaw-goth from salamander mantras, four-on-the-floor power-chords and smoldering old-school templates. Hurtling vexing vixen doo-wop from twin-fisted sisters refining sunken dungeon come-ons, PINS’ pouty doubts and stern burns fuse leather-clad ballads with fem-blended anthems bleeding steamy teases beneath steel-belted helter-skelter.

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