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  • Delicate Steve

    Album title: Wondervisions
    Record Label: Luaka Bop
    by John Noyd
    January 2011
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    Delicate Steve - Wondervisions

    Delicate Steve - Wondervisions

    Robo-rodeo rondos performing unmoored conquistador choreography, guitar-centric tunes swaddled in mechanized, tropical hop-scotch, “Wondervisions,” unleashes instrumental magic. Twitching and flinching over tweaked encyclopedias of improvised jams and antsy, animatronic enchantments, Steve’s smarmy origami twists and turns into jaunty Japanese-African slack-key flash-mob anthems. Criss-crossing snorting electric chords over frazzled surf-rock analogue, polished sonic notions regale new-fangled jangle beyond novel cyber-pop ditziness.

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