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  • Here Lies Man

    Album title: You Will Know Nothing
    Record Label: RidingEasy Records
    by John Noyd
    May 2018
    (520) Page Views

    Here Lies Man - You Will Know Nothing

    Here Lies Man - You Will Know Nothing

    Chugging jungle thunder plants head-banging chants among high-strung drum-lines weighing, “Nothing,” with festival heaviness whose rich rhythms spin rattle-snake earthquakes and ravenous Saturday Afrobeat raves. A thick stomp-rock stew cooked in psychedelic underbellies, Here Lies Man construct riff-rich rituals around bluesy boogies and heavy-metal head-butts, combining power, grit and agility to scoop hallucinogenic get-downs from tribe-inspired parties celebrating iron-clad madness.

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