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Slipped Discs October 2016

Discs you may have missed | by John Noyd

Rebecca Ferguson

October albums paint agents of change exchanging selective perspectives. Whether clued-in crooner ALLEN TATE’s tantric panther semantics, “Sleepwalker,” or pro-active slacker VIRGIN OF BIRDS’ candid indie-rock banter riddled in well-read references, “Secret Kids,” fall calls to all wary emissaries and whispering visionaries. Combine sublime British diva and soulful songwriter REBECCA FERGUSON’s invincible, “Superwoman,” with rock-pop charm-school drop-outs HONEYBLOOD’s coy, victorious, “Babes Never Die” and talented advocates shake, wake and relate.

Slipped Discs appears every month in print in Maximum Ink music magazine, this months reviews are:

Marching Church - Telling It Like It Is

Marching Church

Telling It Like It Is
Record Label: Sacred Bones
Review published: September 2016

Sweltering in basement-blues heated to trigger-finger simmering, “Telling,” breaks free and lets loose unleashing well-chiseled sizzle twitching stream-lined fits in edgy rock-gospel baptisms where slovenly Svengali honesty jostles burning earnest dub-punk effigies. Lashing out in thundering stunners, Marching Church’s deliberate mischief wrestles in relentless intensity lunging towards frontman Elias Bender Rønnenfelt’s burden-shirking urgency shivering in unshackled cackles and sumptuous umbrage.

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Agnes Obel - Citizen of Glass

Agnes Obel

Citizen of Glass
Record Label: Play It Again Sam
Review published: September 2016

Giving way to creative play inside courtly orchestrations, Obel’s spellbinding compositions refine micro-cosmic operas; teased glee pondering haunted sonnets while cultivated impulsiveness hide behind lofty subplots.  Feng shui dreams executed in soft Viennese elegance bending tender melancholy around fleeting boutique-pop, “Glass,” waxes with sensual specters donning sylvan slippers as scattered pageants gathered under luminous moons skim and swim on hummingbird-wings.

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Weyes Blood - Front Row Seat to Earth

Weyes Blood

Front Row Seat to Earth
Record Label: Mexican Summer
Review published: September 2016

Prairie-ferried whirlwinds stirred into blossoming choirs where unconditional innocence sits on baroque-pop foundations; “Front,” glows in dawn-drenched fogs rising behind drumless strums under wayfarer prayers and languishing organ chords half-asleep in delicately measured swells. Anchored in Weyes Blood’s brave, angelic voice, hushed crusades blanket the senses in breathless ecstasy, gossamer phosphorescence mounted in matriarchal sparkle shining in divine silver linings.

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Joan As Policewoman w/ Benjamin Lazar Davis - Let It Be You

Joan As Policewoman w/ Benjamin Lazar Davis

Let It Be You
Record Label: Reveal Records
Review published: September 2016

The slightly sinister mechanics behind multi-instrumentalist Davis’ winding, grinding New Wave art-rock collaboration with the multi-tasking Wasser brews gritty elixirs in double-battered R&B caresses. Creating moody futures from intelligent sentiments, the bewitching, “Let,” moves through beautiful incongruities; motorized techno-rock rosaries listing rhythmic sins under electro-funky love-songs, brash flash-ballads groovin’ to home-studio show-tunes and transistorized alley-cat theatrics padding about kittenish manipulations.

Trails and Ways - Own It

Trails and Ways

Own It
Record Label: self-release
Review published: September 2016

Elastic bop-pop run-arounds powered by exquisite riffs ricocheting off slippery innuendo, “Own,” roams beneath heavy-petting confections, catchphrase catechisms teased in dark pulsating undertones; diplomatic passions dispensing blue-eyed heartache inside quasi-disco boogie reviving sly, fly hooks with ninja intuition. Courting penthouse debutantes in cabana-boy flourishes, Trails and Ways engage lusty soft-rock hustles flushed in irresistible bedroom harmonies wrung from play-date reprobates.

Kadhja Bonet - The Visitor

Kadhja Bonet

The Visitor
Record Label: Fat Possum
Review published: September 2016

A poised, melismatic acrobat, Bonet’s agile imagination sails through classic cool reaping smoldering jazz-soul bliss from gorgeous brainstorms touched in lightning-quick outbursts circling calm, patient strength. Rallying casual dalliances with lithe whispers charming luxurious assurance from bossy curiosity, “Visitor,” delivers tender ebbs from golden vocals folded over sweet tasteful licks, graceful arrangements finagling retro-hip hat-tricks washed in posh lollipop hospitality.

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Final Thoughts

Happiness captivates various autumn albums. Choose your musical bliss from either crafty Krautrock coddlers BRANDT BRAUER FRICK’s, cyber-frolicking polyphonics, “Joy,” or Australia’s free-range space-cowboys THE PEEP TEMPEL’s psycho-ramped scampering, “Joy.” Delight in transcendent indie-rock tempests FROM INDIAN LAKES’ massive, placid, “Everything Feels Better Now,” and indulge in synth-pimped sophisticates SUBURBAN LIVING’s glacial glam-romances, “Almost Paradise.” before devouring cheeky, jangle-jockeys HOOTON TENNIS CLUB’s shaggy, galloping travelogues, “Big Box of Chocolates,” venturing into stage-struck torch-singers SPRINGTIME CARNIVORES’ melodramatic pop-satellites, “Midnight Room,” or basking alongside telekinetic prog-pop jazz-rockers SYD ARTHUR’s radiantly angular, “Apricity.”

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