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  • Slipped Discs April 2017

    Discs You May Have Missed
    by John Noyd

    Timber Timbre

    Timber Timbre

    Initial Thoughts

    From stoic country-folk poet PETER BRADLEY ADAMS’ patient parables, “A Face Like Mine,” to radical neo-classical saxophonist and electronic collagist COLIN STETSON’s phantasmagorical, “All This I Do For Glory,” April albums ask if we’re in this together or just out for ourselves. Between amorous jazz-pop enchanters LAKE’s breezy, buoyant ultimatum, “Forever or Never,” or somber somnambulists TIMBER TIMBRE’s hypnotic goth-folk dystopia, “Sincerely, Future Pollution,”  it’s bond, spawn or cut bait.

    Disc Reviews

    Matthew Logan Vasquez - Does What He Wants

    Matthew Logan Vasquez - Does What He Wants

    Matthew Logan Vasquez

    Album title: Does What He Wants
    Record Label: Dine Alone

    Dipped in trippy blues-rock chops, funky honky-tonk stomps and bittersweet synth-folk anecdotes, “Wants,” hitchhikes from heavy to heavenly, courting outlaw-gospel vaudeville supplemented by fiery bar-room choirs and sinful brimstone violins. Practiced in story-teller melancholy and paperback nostalgia, Delta Spirit’s Vasquez revise and surmise street-wise diaries defending cleansing surrender, candid abandon and belated escape. Matthew play Madison’s The Frequency May 6th.

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    R. Ring - Ignite the Rest

    R. Ring - Ignite the Rest

    R. Ring

    Album title: Ignite the Rest
    Record Label: Sofaburn Records

    Authentic, contentious, veering from reckless and tempestuous to direct and defenseless, the debut album from The Breeder’s Kelley Deal and Ampline’s Mike Montgomery overflows in raw, real feeling, plucking sublime ruckus from serrated impatience and surly curiosity. Spellbound thought-bombs launched from electric strings bent in relentless invention, “Ignite,” tussles in barbed garage-rock muscle injecting eccentric chemistry into classic indie spasms.

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    Cold Beat - Chaos By Invitiation

    Cold Beat - Chaos By Invitiation

    Cold Beat

    Album title: Chaos By Invitiation
    Record Label: Crime on the Moon

    Rinsed in kinky synths programmed for cynical, clinical minimalism, “Chaos,” micro-manages galactic sadness seized in seductive electro-pop buzz and scrubbed with candy-coated vocals from moonstruck cyber-waifs. Mining ghostly tones from computer ghouls schooled in fleshy caresses, dabbling sound-lab collaborators Cold Beat unleashes fiendish dreams firing laser-guided desires via stratospheric lyrics; tempting tingling senses with machine-tooled cool engineered in space-ballad algorithms.

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    Maximo Park - Risk to Exist

    Maximo Park - Risk to Exist

    Maximo Park

    Album title: Risk to Exist
    Record Label: Cooking Vinyl

    Deploying fidgety syncopations glibly pivoting around anxious bass, skid-marked guitar and panicky percussion, Maximo Park’s snarky remarks spark savvy rallies, conjuring tight, propulsive convulsions ripe in curt, subversive rhetoric tailor-made for post-millennial politics. Dry wit commits splendid revenge enlisting, “Exist,” in fluid moves to slip crisp incriminations inside dance-able propaganda while wiry New Wave renegades demolish through posh, swashbuckling outrage.

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    Blaenavon - That’s Your Lot

    Blaenavon - That’s Your Lot


    Album title: That’s Your Lot
    Record Label: Transgressive

    Rich, melodramatic catalysts catapult spiraling pile-drivers spun from indie-rock waltzes trimmed in delicate affections; “Lot,” rides emotional tides whose unguarded martyrdom erupts in tough bluster before regaining load-bearing composure.  Heart-broken ballads straddling glorious six-string introspection shelter dashed hopes and bold soapbox confessions while Blaenavon’s strong, agile mastery of tangled pains and double-fisted resistance juggles fevered soliloquies born from sensitive redemption.

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    San Fermin - Belong

    San Fermin - Belong

    San Fermin

    Album title: Belong
    Record Label: Downtown Records

    Energetic connections tie lavish imaginations to theatrical passion as cavalier art-pop maestros San Fermin bring stately elation to level-headed revelry, balancing talented hindsight against luxurious urgency. Cultivating tasty mayhem through polyphonic tectonics, “Belong,” fawns over sophisticated cadence, fusing varnished harmonies among orchestrated trills and nimble drum-fills, creating a sumptuous, melodic cocktail bubbling in sly pride, restless meditations and honest wonder.

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    Final Thoughts

    From runaway guitar-punks DEEP STATE’s raucous, “Thought Garden,” to zany indie-rock pagans, THE OCTOPUS PROJECT’s pliable tribal rampages, “Memory Mirror,” spring brings records dredged from mental temples. Looking further inward, lofty pop-goddess WILSEN’s sensual unmentionables, “I Go Missing In My Sleep,” haunted modern-rockers WILD ARROWS’ quivering, “Dreamlike Dream,” and pop-rock angel TAHAKI MIYAKI’s, encyclopedic, “The Dream,” provide world-weary clearinghouses. Additional reactions to reality include murky searchers OMEGA VAGUE’s supple decoupling, “Aversion/Reversion,” whip-lashed castaways WHAT GIVES’ crackling grunge-lunging baptism, “Feels Good” and swinging shamans WOODS’ magical groove-roots pageant, “Love is Love.”