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  • Slipped Discs July 2018

    Discs You May Have Missed
    by John Noyd



    Initial Thoughts

    Whether you just can’t get enough of dance-punk upstarts BODEGA’s addictive whip-smart conniptions, “Endless Scroll,” or feel enslaved by modern-pop temptress AMY SHARK’s magical theatrics, “Love Monster,” July albums indulge your insatiable tastes. Go bananas over paisley-basement Anglophile TY SEGALL and loco co-conspirator WHITE FENCE’s bicameral psycho-collapsible monuments, “Joy,”  then fixate on ghost-emo angel-tamer TANUKICHAN’s rascally tactile tattletales, “Sundays,” or hardcore scorchers DEAFHEAVEN’s, cataclysmic, “Ordinary Corrupt Human Love.” More awaits.

    Disc Reviews

    Collections of Colonies of Bees - Hawaii

    Collections of Colonies of Bees - Hawaii

    Collections of Colonies of Bees

    Album title: Hawaii
    Record Label: Polyvinyl

    Sophisticated noise-voyagers COCOB sail post-rock yachts past power-chord crashes, bouncing tweaked art-pop frequencies against roaming digital metronomes building shimmering waves of graceful relations. An ephemeral paradise shining with new-born glee and well-established ease, “Hawaii,” welcomes distinct strategic kinks into smooth musical executions, micro-massaging bright ideas into radiant harmonic sunshine. The Milwaukee ensemble plays Washington Park Summer Concert Series August 8th.

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    Collections of Colonies of Bees online:

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    Meg Myers - Take Me To The Disco

    Meg Myers - Take Me To The Disco

    Meg Myers

    Album title: Take Me To The Disco
    Record Label: 300 Entertainment

    Elegant rants fired in frantic enchantments, “Disco,” bewitches with absorbing, tormented pop dispensing unquenchable temptations through morbid pre-storm warnings cornering sleek banshee struts prowling around leather-bound lounges. Dignified by melodramatic diplomats practiced in unmasking black-cat tact from gothic moths drawn around unrestrained flames, Myers’ slinky unforgiving convictions link sentimental vengeance to manic, volcanic dances built to withstand scalding-hot grand-standing fantasies.

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    Meg Myers online:

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    Lotic - Power

    Lotic - Power


    Album title: Power
    Record Label: Tri Angle

    Sonic knob-twiddler, sound-pioneer Lotic deposits exotic razor-sharp technology scoured in electro-probed Space Soul through unglued blasting-cap trap wrapped in satin-smooth slave-driver grime and machine-tooled glitch-stitched rhymes. Atmospheric experiences encapsulated in trampled samples and polished solitary clarity, “Power,” quivers and equivocates, agitates and palpitates in pixelated stages repaving edited sedatives into savory chaos, holy communion cleansing upended sensations with antiseptic tension. 

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    Lotic online:

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    Valley Queen - Supergiant

    Valley Queen - Supergiant

    Valley Queen

    Album title: Supergiant
    Record Label: Roll Call Records

    Heart-pounding West-coast rock powered by smoldering Valkyrie vocals fusing cruising blues to jumping country, “Supergiant,” soars over placid spotlight ballads swimming in deep sleepy jangle, pairing curve-hugging percussion to soul-baring melodies while riding spiraling six-string flings. Steamy truths weave Valley Queen’s brave embraces, searching concerns and pending questions into curried fury and tactical passion, distilling shadow-filled thrills from incandescent wills.

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    Valley Queen online:

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    77:78 - Jellies

    77:78 - Jellies


    Album title: Jellies
    Record Label: Heavenly

    Tramp-steamer dreamers 77:78 croon beautiful lunacy in woozy psycho-blues, gonzo-rock waltzes and semi-ironic symphonics, treasuring a bevy of reverse-engineered memories hustling Alice in Wonderland scams beneath brooding jazz flute and rainy-day Merseybeat. Loose, wobbly funk peddled by shaggy, casual dance-hall punks, “Jellies,” swell swallowing cosmic beer-goggled comedies into conniving low-rider hybrids motoring downtown cool and retro-speckled spectacle over super-fantastic nostalgia.

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    77:78 online:

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    Lydia - Liquor

    Lydia - Liquor


    Album title: Liquor
    Record Label: Weekday Records

    Supple pinball rhythms rinsed in liquid moon-bounce bass and lush airbrushed keyboards, “Liquor,” flickers, baking swoon-induced souffl├ęs draped in vivacious elations. Slithering among lustful seductions, affectionate rejections and moody approval, the understated synth-rich trio prove extra-hypnotic taunting melted velvet hearts behind soft peek-a-boo innuendo; pouty carousers conjuring nimble, narcotic indie-pop with foxy folk overtones sowing anarchist’s charms with tiki-bar carnage.

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    Lydia online:

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    Final Thoughts

    Resisting temptation or at least trying to, summer music includes tributes to resilience and restraint. Before committing or submitting step inside coy, go-go booted pop-rockers THE OPHELIAS’ sultry doe-eyed shin-dig, “Almost” then consider chamber-folk tripsters THE CRADLE’s mythical woodland embroidery, “Bag of Holding.” Pause a moment to bop to kiwi-smitten indies SMOKESCREENS’ free-range surf-twang, “Used to Yesterday,” before hanging with cosmopolitan cowboy-rockers OLDERMOST’s savvy prairie-ferried tapestry, “How Could You Ever Be The Same?” and grizzled blues wizard REED TURCHI’s gallows-bound honky-tonk, “Just A Little More Faith.” Remember, there’s always tomorrow.