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  • Slipped Discs October 2019

    Discs You May Have Missed
    by John Noyd

    Angel Olsen

    Angel Olsen

    Initial Thoughts

    October albums stretch the credible, from spunky garage-bopping LISA PRANK’s insightful sock-hop, “Perfect Love Song” to supersonic concert-master LINDSTROM’s aqueous acquiescence, “On A Clear Day I Can See You Forever.” Extremes include probing proletariat COMET GAIN’s scruffy Britpop, “Fireraisers Forever!” and hive-wired swarms SWAN’s caterwauling caravan, “Leaving Meaning,” while anxious post-punks BEHAVIOR’s leathery heaven, “Spirits and Embellishments,” and velvet-gloved supernova ANGEL OLSEN’s tailspin ballroom ballads, “All Mirrors,” leave reality behind.

    Disc Reviews

    Black Marble - Bigger Than Life

    Black Marble - Bigger Than Life

    Black Marble

    Album title: Bigger Than Life
    Record Label: Sacred Bones

    Gated patience locked into timetable cadence, “Bigger,” triggers heavy-lidded dance-floor daydreams, perpetual engines plugged into unquenchable ping-pong palpitations and tugging at subtle pulses while sleepy, hourglass passages practicing well-honed digital diplomacy flows around bittersweet sequined séances. Vacuum-sealed cart-wheel architect, Black Marble harbors suave charms inside sullen futurepop lullabies lost in synth-rinsed labyrinths cast in chattering patterns tailor-made for form-fitting glitter.

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    Shana Falana - Darkest Light

    Shana Falana - Darkest Light

    Shana Falana

    Album title: Darkest Light
    Record Label: Arrowhawk

    Possessed by Jungian thunder tunneling deep beneath primordial glories, Shana Falana champions new beginnings born from dire finality; unshackled majesty zapped in synaptic rapture twirl bare-foot shoe-gaze voyagers on tribal journeys through starlit forests. The karmic, “Darkest,” blazes in gothic mosh-pit steam-punk, dredging and shredding dream-rock prophecies while reaping intergalactic gypsy-folk with interwoven harmonies, oceanic tantrums and powerful bell-tower percussion.

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    Longwave - If We Ever Live To Forever

    Longwave - If We Ever Live To Forever


    Album title: If We Ever Live To Forever
    Record Label: Bodan Kuma

    Triumphant and forthright, wandering and despondent, ”Forever,” weathers emotional storms, disembodied indie-rock melancholy pledging edgy amendments to precipice confessions through prowling guitars, climatic choruses and head-rushed rhythms. Breathless manifestos addressed to friends, banging in subterranean strangeness, Longwave plunges desperate hungers into rattled nostalgia, leaving heartbroken heads to sort jealous dregs from shipwrecked regrets, holding wildfire trials with burnt bridges juries.

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    Anna Meredith - FIBS

    Anna Meredith - FIBS

    Anna Meredith

    Album title: FIBS
    Record Label: Moshi Moshi

    Punctual pop whose splashy neo-classical maelstroms fuse Broadway bravado to scorching film-scores for cyber-phantom ear-candy, Meredith’s immaculate factories spew algorithmic symphonies gifted in ripped rock riffs, space-age whimsy and ironic art-pop homilies. The glib, “FIBS,” digs, wiggles and flies, defying, confiding and pacifying, rendering frenzied crescendos and sweetening synthetic beats to baffle in playful clatter and delight in daredevil feats. 

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    Devon Welsh - True Love

    Devon Welsh - True Love

    Devon Welsh

    Album title: True Love
    Record Label: You Are Accepted

    Personal searches versed in complex moods, “True,” brews tactfully monastic passions with pondering honesty, plush constructions buffed with minimal stimulus and maximum impact. A naked voice that aches to divulge stubborn secrets, Welsh swells in embellished telepathy, ravishing pathos and secular connections, mesmerizing with openness and purity, candid transparency lit with cathedral candles and layered in weightless, storied moral inventories.

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    Lady Lazurus - Impossible Journey of My Soul Tonight

    Lady Lazurus - Impossible Journey of My Soul Tonight

    Lady Lazurus

    Album title: Impossible Journey of My Soul Tonight
    Record Label: self-release

    Rooted in simple acoustics and raised in self-appraisal, Lady Lazarus’ restless quests meander, unhampered by conventional structure; sage, languid language relaying authentic sentiment with picturesque speculation, intriguing secrets and elegant acceptance. Auditorium performances disclosing hopes, reasoning feelings and examining ramifications as recital-hall piano wafts in haunted reverb, “Journey,” ties recurring reminders to tender memories, skeletal melodies baptized in lyrical inquiries.

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    Final Thoughts

    Autumn ushers a slew of provable truths from fringe-rock stalkers BENT KNEE’s rabid, “You Know What They Mean,” to red-hot folk-pop tumbleweed REINA DEL CID’s lively farmhouse-jive, “Morse Code,” while atomic rockabilly philistines IGUANA DEATH CULT’s cheeky, “Nude Casino,” farcical marksmen MCQUEEN’s beat-boggling mini-operas, “Black Cat,” and alt-pop harmonizers HOVVDY’s cantering contemplations, “Heavy Lifter,” unpack infallible facts. Indisputable maneuvers move from guitarist BILL MACKAY and cellist KATINKA KLEIN’s sonorous exploratory choreography, “Stir,” to multi-genre jammers GARCIA PEOPLES’ mind-fusing, “One Step Behind,” ending in digi-voodoo flautist KA BAIRD’s processed semi-breaths, “Respires.”