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  • Slipped Discs July 2020

    Discs You May Have Missed
    by John Noyd

    Jess Cornelius - photo by Rachael Pony Cassells

    Jess Cornelius - photo by Rachael Pony Cassells

    Initial Thoughts

    Stuck in a rut? July albums remind us to stay active. Start with pop-sprite E^ST‘s affirmative, “I’m Doing It” then rev things up with American panorama perfectionists TEXAS GENTLEMEN‘s non-repeating, encyclopedic, “Floor It!” Motivated yourself with possessed rock exorcists THE BLINDERS’ embroiled, “Fantasy of a Stay at Home Psychopath,” and keep your eye on the prize alongside tender, centered JESS CORNELIUS’ stormy warnings, “Distance.” If at first you don’t succeed.

    Disc Reviews

    Silver Scrolls - Music for Walks

    Silver Scrolls - Music for Walks

    Silver Scrolls

    Album title: Music for Walks
    Record Label: Three Lobed Recordings

    Intuitive moods gifted in unforced metamorphosis, “Walks,” stretches and expresses counter-culture cool, kicking psycho-tribal myths in hip sidewinder grifts with sparring guitars darting in uprooted confluence, hornet’s nest buzz turned spider-web shimmer. Zen-rock contenders, tag-team bohemians and downtown dreamers, Silver Scrolls roll in concrete canyon jams and dappled electric-folk rapture; six-string spirit-walkers straddling casual conjecture, exploratory chords and energetic calm.

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    The Beths - Jump Rope Gazers

    The Beths - Jump Rope Gazers

    The Beths

    Album title: Jump Rope Gazers
    Record Label: Carpark Records

    Fueled by an enthralling fondness for rom-com bop-rock, The Beths jet from romantic ransom for platonic hostages to sour-grape escapes crafted in unrequited politeness and compatible compassion. Pairing jangly affairs with pivoting riffs, “Gazers,” blaze in roaring choruses past splashy backing vocals casting snake-charming harmonies into exuberant tunes and lifting superior lyrics enunciated with reckless directness into cheerful empirical delirium.

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    The Beths online:

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    Kllo - Maybe We Could

    Kllo - Maybe We Could


    Album title: Maybe We Could
    Record Label: Ghostly International

    Swift rhythmic rivers bubbling beneath hovering ghost-lovers as whirling glitch-riddled world-beats sweeten smooth translucent grooves, “Maybe,” flavors fashionably passive contrasts with elegant well-spent intensity, alluring superlatives and exotic optics. Partnered in luscious seductions and vacuum-sealed feelings, Kllo’s silky guilty pleasures wrestle passionate tempests, out-of-reach treats surrounded by flickering vixen singing, diva high-dive descents swept into nets rescued by heavenly consent.

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    Kllo online:

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    Alice Ivy - Don’t Sleep

    Alice Ivy - Don’t Sleep

    Alice Ivy

    Album title: Don’t Sleep
    Record Label: Last Gang

    Head-turning studio connoisseur Ivy designs tantric dances sparkling in tweaked rainbow-soul, lavish post-dub love and tempting bedroom R&B; manna to famished radio-friendly pop-gods yearning for stroboscopic mojo polished in unrepentant phosphorescence. Intense blends producing ultra-groovy fusions overlapping fluid rap with hard-wired beats dipped in auto-tuned funkiness, “Sleep,” reaches for the stars, elevating commercial appeal to musical fireworks for the masses.

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    Dream Wife - So When You Gonna…

    Dream Wife - So When You Gonna…

    Dream Wife

    Album title: So When You Gonna…
    Record Label: Lucky Number

    Saucy, frothy, vengeful and sensual, “Gonna,” guns for fun; happily reprehensible New Wave races painted with pit-stop thoughts raring for tasty punk-pop chases, hunting unsettled bellwether regrets with bewitching misfit sympathy. Bridge-burners, table-turners and fast-learners, Dream Wife marries fearless sneers to thick-skinned grins, hiding sensitive intentions beneath sassy tactics and actively distracting open emotions with improper propositions and incriminating persuasion.

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    Dream Wife online:

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    Lime Cordiale - 14 Steps to a Better You

    Lime Cordiale - 14 Steps to a Better You

    Lime Cordiale

    Album title: 14 Steps to a Better You
    Record Label: Chugg Music

    Bouncy, baggy, thrift-store swagger from sweet-talking Chaucers, Lime Cordiale slings winding rhymes in smitten wingman sunshine, secret weekend love-stories scored for honky-tonk jaunts bobbing in shuffling percussion, carefree melodies and street-wise advice. Blue-eyed seaside soul, “14 Steps,” sends friendly recommendations rich in elastic toe-tapping dramatics for bold, romantic interventions vented in salty pub-crawl solace, boogie-sugared vaudeville and swinging indie carnivals. 

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    Lime Cordiale online:

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    Final Thoughts

    Rising to the occasion, July music outdoes itself. Going above and beyond, incendiary dignitaries PROTOMARTYR‘s prowling woke-punk industry, “Ultimate Success Today,” and uplifted introverts DEHD‘s smoldering, tremolo-dosed, “Flower of Devotion,” shine bright. Divine alignment finds oceanic phantom JULIANNA BARWICK‘s horizonless bliss, “Healing Is A Miracle,” Ethiopian jazz-rap fusionists MULATU ASTATKE AND BLACK JESUS EXPERIENCE‘s exhilarating, “To Know Without Knowing.” and feelgood hip-swivelers DMA‘s blockbuster rock, “The Glow,” while octave-vaulting philosopher RUFUS WAINWRIGHT‘s selective art-barbershop recollections, “Unfollow the Rules,” and cautious modern-popper MADELINE KENNEY‘s jazz-flecked treks, “Sucker’s Lunch,” outperform in non-conformity.