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  • Slipped Discs August 2020

    Discs You May Have Missed
    by John Noyd



    Initial Thoughts

    Birth irks August albums from story-teller shredder BULLY‘s predatory, “SUGAREGG,” to alt-pop dreamcatchers NO JOY‘s primordial torch-songs, “Motherhood.” Combine folk-grunge royalty KING BUZZO‘s exalted gestalt, “Gift of Sacrifice,” and word-sniper pied-piper TERRY OHMS’ jam-pop wonderland, “Smooth Sailing Forever” with basement ravers SUBURBAN LIVING‘s clinical cinema, “How to Be Human,” and strings-wizard folk-singer JOSHUA LEE TURNER’s rippling rustic repertoire, “Public Life,” before deciding between blessed event or lifetime sentence. Create away.

    Disc Reviews

    Kelly Lee Owens - Inner Song

    Kelly Lee Owens - Inner Song

    Kelly Lee Owens

    Album title: Inner Song
    Record Label: Smalltown Supersound

    Artificial fissures waxing syncopated flashes in glowing closed-circuit percolations, “Song,” ping-pongs, dodging obvious logic while conjuring choreographed distractions; waterfall data-hauls sprinkled in cyber-annihilated limbo. Magical electro-pop fractals dazzle in fluid loops, angelic coos and soft polished cycles as icy maestro Owens sows digi-disco crystals from pensive reflections refracting radiant rainbow clusters in chill trills, slippery push-button percussion and plastic fascination.

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    Secret Machines - Awake in the Brain Chamber

    Secret Machines - Awake in the Brain Chamber

    Secret Machines

    Album title: Awake in the Brain Chamber
    Record Label: TSM Recordings

    Adrenaline engines slipping into psychotropic over-drive, Secret Machines’ streamlined restraint moves in fugitive grooves, anchoring abstract contracts through insidious diligence drenched in desperate heft and unstoppable moxie. Tungsten bluntness coupled to nonchalance comeuppance and brooding aloofness, “Awake,” negotiates and instigates, taking vintage synth-rock wisdom simmering in divisive suspicions and updating the stakes for heroic pandemic redemptions and willful insurgent resilience.

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    Oceanator - Things I Never Said

    Oceanator - Things I Never Said


    Album title: Things I Never Said
    Record Label: Plastic Miracles

    Doom-laced about-faces placed between apocalyptic quips and rose-colored devotion, “Said,” hedges bets, pledging unhesitant punk-folk allegiance with cunning wonder, penetrating directness, cantering stanzas and charging carnage. Lean, deliberate and triumphant, Oceanator baits inescapable truths to crunchy riffs and shifty charisma; biting back-up for unflappable ballads ransacked in surplus purpose escorting scorching discourse from edgy fledgling revelations to sinister, rhythmic intimacies.

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    Logan Farmer - Still No Mother

    Logan Farmer - Still No Mother

    Logan Farmer

    Album title: Still No Mother
    Record Label: Western Vinyl

    Cloud-bursting chamber-folk whispers drifting in lonely post-rock daydreams from graveyard-shift witnesses to lovesick mysteries, Logan Farmer’s solitary odyssey fosters tender acoustic clues to evasive destinations, unsettled melodies fallen into hollow waltzes and blank verse. Cloistered choices hidden in hard decisions,” Mother,” harbors ghostly poetry floating over rhythmless abysses; porous orchestras and electronic fog incorporating factual fictions held in emotional prisons.

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    Fantastic Negrito - Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?

    Fantastic Negrito - Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?

    Fantastic Negrito

    Album title: Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?
    Record Label: Cooking Vinyl

    Action-packed melodramatics dipped in soul-assisted sizzle,” Lost,” back-talks in consciousness-raised exorcisms, casting out demonic preponderance with headline-grabbing stabs, contagious salacious tastes, pumped pulpit polemics and cartoon falsettos. Streetwise post-ironic operettas woke to urban-legend amendments, Fantastic Negrito’s possessed personas groan and moan with fierce hep-cat testaments delivered with revival-tent intentions and rallying ballyhoo, eliciting stinging organ wipe-outs alongside gut-wrenching guitar meltdowns.

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    Turning Jewels into Water - Our Reflection Adorned by Newly Formed Stars

    Turning Jewels into Water - Our Reflection Adorned by Newly Formed Stars

    Turning Jewels into Water

    Album title: Our Reflection Adorned by Newly Formed Stars
    Record Label: FPE Records

    Stoked techno-global alchemists mixing restless temporal mementos, TJIW’s sonic bonfires melt organic samples onto studio-manufactured curios, spawning alien tailgate anthems rich in primitive synergy and city-slicker sophistication. Processed poly-rhythmic glitches stitching indigenous snippets to twitching subterranean mania, “Adorned,” swarms with cultural storms, flowing DJ mosaics and neural surveys luring murky anachronisms onto mythical rituals, rhythmic-shifting enigmas and flickering shadow dances.

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    Final Thoughts

    Indulging in impulses, August tackles sunken glam-punks EYEDRESS’ perceptive confessions, “Let’s Skip The Wedding,” surf-twang spooks L.A. WITCH’s dark, psychedelic, “Play with Fire,” and synth-soul patroller REY PILA’s analogue funk, “Velos Veritas,” Feeding egos continue with beautifully astute KATHLEEN EDWARDS’ compassionate encapsulations, “Total Freedom,” jukebox-rock upstarts THE HAPPY FITS’ splendid irreverence, “What Could Be Better,” and indie-folk songbird MOLLY TUTTLE’s kindly covers, “but I’d rather be with you,”  while jazz-pop whirlwinds SPUN OUT’s night out, “Touch the Sound,” and lovelorn melody-maker DENT MAY’s sugarcoated sadness, “Late Check-Out,” capture creature comforts.