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  • Slipped Discs October 2020

    Discs You May Have Missed
    by John Noyd

    Jupiter Sprites

    Jupiter Sprites

    Initial Thoughts

    Ride the wave as October albums shake, pulsate and radiate. Rumble alongside soul-rocker provocateur THUNDER JACKSON’s self-titled mojo monster, “Thunder Jackson,” before tuning into supreme jalopy-boppers NRBQ’s rarities compendium, “In Frequencies.” Bounce between funeral pyre Goliaths JAHBULONG’s mega-tectonic pyrotechnics, Eclectic Poison Tones,” and Canadian pop-punks SEAWAY’s dynamic, “Big Vibe,” before catching some rays with demon-spawned automatons OPTIC SINK’s cyber-chilled thrills, “Optic Sink,” and galactic romantics JUPITER SPRITES’ velvet-melted synth-pop, “Holographics.”

    Disc Reviews

    Laura Veirs - My Echo

    Laura Veirs - My Echo

    Laura Veirs

    Album title: My Echo
    Record Label: Raven Marching Band

    Perky mirthful folk-bop tongue-twists misfit feelings into posh holidays offering anecdotal motivation; “Echo,” glows with cozy brilliance bathed in rosy string quartets, sisterly choirs and homesick pedal-steel. Refocused hopes, positive resolve and sauntering confidence makes, Veirs’ lyrical clarity and subtle harmonies leap equally easily under full moons and sunny skies, bounding from maternal Laurel Canyon dinner-parties to intimate chamber-arranged love-songs.

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    Spires That In The Sunset Rise - Psychic Oscillations

    Spires That In The Sunset Rise - Psychic Oscillations

    Spires That In The Sunset Rise

    Album title: Psychic Oscillations
    Record Label: FPE Records

    Guided by jellyfish kismet powering abstract Krautrock daydreams, Spires That In The Sunset Rise’s clipped manipulations transform noisy voices, percussive cello, spineless flutes and huffing saxophones into elemental experiments following optional logic.  Layered cascades weaving primeval sequences into elliptical telemetries, “Oscillations,” reverberate hypnotic electronics from gurgling ghosts, roping liberated loops paved in modulated delays, arpeggiated spacewalks and sublime unquantifiable designs.

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    Pine Barons - Mirage on the Meadow

    Pine Barons - Mirage on the Meadow

    Pine Barons

    Album title: Mirage on the Meadow
    Record Label: Grind Select

    Risky trysts gifted in grand New Wave riffs wrung from psychedelic sideshows, “Mirage,” charges, barges, barks and barters, fostering tooth and claw rock inside fist-pumped power-pop and spawning dance-floor swansongs from underdog anthems. Choirboy voyagers and passionate navigators, Pine Barons engage and upstage, swinging casual theatrics from desperate precipices, on the verge insurgency partnering with exalted posture and enterprising empathy.

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    Jónsi - Shiver

    Jónsi - Shiver


    Album title: Shiver
    Record Label: Krunk

    Contoured forces purr as manicured metamorphosis sculpt electro-soul wormholes; Jónsi concocts nuanced booms, tweaked shrieks and swift glitches producing studio-driven visions from distant visitors. Pliable fly-bys inspiring angel-flanked contemplations, “Shiver,” impacts with suggestive perfection, spectral effects whose tender fine-tuned tensions blossom in cautious suspension, sonic architecture measured in broken beats and healing voices, warm storms built from daring serotonin commotion.

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    This Is The Kit - Off Off On

    This Is The Kit - Off Off On

    This Is The Kit

    Album title: Off Off On
    Record Label: Rough Trade Records

    Passive lyric fragments chase wonderfully breezy melodies while, “Off,” tosses bumblebee teases around hummingbird urgency, administering flickering jigs beneath posh horns born from British soul and rhythmic finger-picking plucked from intricate gypsy-folk. Contrapuntal tumbleweeds carving artful paths, This Is The Kit magically fits bouncy rounds tugging at windy beginnings into uplifted syncopation placed with graceful cadence inside loose, groovy haiku.

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    Slow Pulp - Moveys

    Slow Pulp - Moveys

    Slow Pulp

    Album title: Moveys
    Record Label: Winspear

    Adept at polished alt-rock and steamy dream-pop, Slow Pulp’s mellow melodramatics wax in compact mid-tempo compassion, persuasive complacency ignited inside gallant ballads burning bright with smoldering heat, unhurried studies and tasty temptations. Luscious bluster coated in coaxing vocals, sparkling guitars and hungry bass and drums, “Moveys,” smoothly conquers through grounded prowling, insidious insistence and heavenly threats issued in devilish relish.

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    Final Thoughts

    From art-pop surrealists MR. GNOME’s micro-dosed magnum opus, “The Day You Flew Away,” to cosmopolitan cowboy CUT WORMS’ cosmic country-pop, “Nobody Lives Here Anymore,” departures occupy October. Break-ups shadow serene sunbeam RAPT’s mystical filigree, “None Of This Will Matter,” literate-rock chroniclers DAWES’ modern-life insights, “Good Luck With Whatever,” and thoughtful alt-poppers DEEP SEA DIVERS’ double-edged treasures, “Impossible Weight,” while cerebral chanteuse HELENA DELAND’s tantalizing, “Someone New,” free-floating LOMA’s liquid whispers, “Don’t Shy Away,” and roots-blues peruser WILLIAM ELLIOT WHITMAN’s laudable honesty, “I’m With You,” prove every story has two sides.