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Alba's Edge - Run to Fly

Alba's Edge - Run to Fly

Alba's Edge
Run to Fly
Label: Paddledoo

Tender touches flushed in cantering fantasies corral galloping rallies into tranquil sanctuaries filled with mingling traditions sprinkled in casual pizzazz from fine-tuned moves; the resplendent, “Fly,” ties silky Celtic-jazz passages to sizzling midnight jigs flitting in firefly nose-dives and grasshopper tail-spins. Parading, persuading and evading, Scotland’s exuberant Afro-Cuban fusionists, Alba’s Edge soars in intrepid pep steeped in nimble sunlit steps.

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American Wrestlers - Goodbye Terrible Youth

American Wrestlers - Goodbye Terrible Youth

American Wrestlers
Goodbye Terrible Youth
Label: Fat Possum

Vigorous pub-rock lullabies served in matter-of-fact rallies coat street-wise hope in staunch confidence as American Wrestlers’ muscular wonder feeds a needy hunger for earnest courtesies and compassionate actions through guitar-fueled power-ballads and sage, patient anthems. Cruise-missile crusades offer mighty tidal-waves of good-will, bonded fellowship and energetic connections, turning “Youth,” loose through layman’s lyrics to rouse powerful harmony within iron-clad camaraderie.

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Ash Borer - The Irrepassable Gate

Ash Borer - The Irrepassable Gate

Ash Borer
The Irrepassable Gate
Label: Profound Lore

Torn in scorn, slow-core roars and turgid fury, “Irrepassable,” snarls with devilish embellishments dredged from vicious contrition supporting virulent conspiracies. Pulverizing pile-drivers trapped in pyroclastic blasts lashed to growling undertows grown from breakneck rage and pitch-black malice, Ash Borer’s glorious torrent dredges force-fed pledges, gouging monstrous preponderance between muscular clusters crushing relentless eruptions and irrefutable grinds etched on anvil canvases.

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Autobahn - The Moral Crossing

Autobahn - The Moral Crossing

The Moral Crossing
Label: felte

Sensitive engines mixing post-punk menace with night-club medicine, indie-synth revisionists Autobahn construct hypnotic Krautrock highways with over-driven distortion coursing through shadow-battled tunnels, dredging lush crushes from curried fury while mounting corrosive campaigns against faceless rage. Glazed, serrated micro-managed calamities probe svelte, self-contained anarchy throughout “Crossing,” as swirling urges surge, merge and purge, churning cathartic rebel yells beneath grinding assembly-line timing.

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Amen Dunes - Freedom

Amen Dunes - Freedom

Amen Dunes
Label: Sacred Bones

Subterranean restraint seizes clenched sensual laments inside the tightly bridled, “Freedom,” whose foolish dreams teem in edgy soul magnetized in steely panther glances cast among shadow-captured attractions. Embroiled in foiled stories, insinuated sympathies and inexpressible revelations, Amen Dunes’ ruminating tastes pace mental cages where shifting rhythms clocking persistent thoughts stalk lost memories in thin, synth-rinsed fogs and intriguing, minor-key mazes.

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Air Waves - Warrior

Air Waves - Warrior

Air Waves
Label: Western Vinyl

Orphaned love-sick indie-pop steeped in jaunty Krautrock jangle and calm New Wave patience, “Warrior,” wrangles glowing neon synths around sleepy six-string rhythms driven in cruise-controlled roller-coasters. Picture midnight pastel carousels swaying under LED starlight as Air Waves’ faithful choruses court Aurora Borealis Valentines pining in divine compliance, a guilty romance mixtape simmered in contrapuntal spunk, counterbalanced talent and sing-along sincerity.

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