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Field Music - Open Here

Field Music - Open Here

Field Music
Open Here
Label: Memphis Industries

Concocting sardonic tonics, angular earth-angels Field Music sparkle and fizz in pristine pizzazz flagging buzz-saw New Wave dance-rock spritzed in ethereal harmonies, impertinent verses and narcotic string-quartets. Groovy utopian spoofs coated in cheeky teases and electro-baroque hocus-pocus, “Open,” wriggles in wry socio-economical romps circling ironic bourgeois pomp as savvy capitalistic ballads gallop in cosmopolitan dogma, satirical lyrics and post-global romance.

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Cecil Frena - The Gridlock

Cecil Frena - The Gridlock

Cecil Frena
The Gridlock
Label: Hovercraft Records

Dynamic stamina enraged and engaged in spunky punk-pop gloss and faultless alt-rock curiosity, “Gridlock,” stalks melodic contraband, building billowing fury from tender desperation while sneaking sweet, fleeting details into supersonic extravaganzas. Fresh impressions and encyclopedic expediency keeps Frena’s solo debut sharp but slippery, roaming over unexplored territories to harvest scrumptious bluster packed with exacting thoughts, familiar feelings and novel thrills.

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Simone Felice - The Projector

Simone Felice - The Projector

Simone Felice
The Projector
Label: New York Pro

Gifted in honest, authentic, lyrical diction, Felice’s sparse, cinematic scenarios address fresh questions to old lessons; tragic, fact-checked concessions reaching deep into conflicted folk-blues fictions unbending in belief and trembling in amends. First-person pearls captured in steely realism,  “Projector,” selects solemn responses bravely facing character-drawn problems to world-weary experiences, whether one-act parables seeking reasons or personal history hurting with purpose.

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Frances Cone - Late Riser

Frances Cone - Late Riser

Frances Cone
Late Riser
Label: Thirty Tigers

Lifted in smooth blue-eyed soul flowing in bold dream-pop composure and courageous harmony-rich exposure, Frances Cone’s sumptuous air-brushed heaven blends solemn compositions into tumultuous wonders, inspiring choir-spiked hindsight fortified in evangelical groundswells exploding over cagey rhythms. Drenched in sensitive strengths and generous intentions, “Riser,” nurtures positive urges, enraptured baptisms countering drowning struggles with dramatic auto-tuned beauty from commanding synth-kissed witnesses.

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Martin Frawley - Undone at 31

Martin Frawley - Undone at 31

Martin Frawley
Undone at 31
Label: Merge

Youthful troubadour days ripen into descriptive reminisces and keen self-examination as, “Undone,” strums and plunges, stalking and balking with distracting challenges wrapped in genre-hopping pop-punk passions. Smart, perceptive and articulate, Frawley’s solid observations find common ground in bouncy modesty, laidback hindsight and droll consolations; well-paved escapades braving clever fair-weather speculations anchored in leveraged memories, court-jester regrets and small-town pawn-shop monologues.

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French Vanilla - How Am I Not Myself?

French Vanilla - How Am I Not Myself?

French Vanilla
How Am I Not Myself?
Label: Danger Collective

Pogo-brash No Wave sax ricochets throughout, “Myself,” serving pumped punk-ska sabotage around unvarnished dance-friendly ear-benders bristling with testy intellect. Democratic rapscallions, French Vanilla packs people-backed politics into flash-mob mosh-pits, interpersonal dervishes slurping down street-savvy attitude where sweaty expressions, thrashy passion and hollered logic bounce around road-rage crusades fueled by funky grass-roots pursuits. Catch them Aug 10th at Milwaukee’s Back Room.

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Froth - Duress

Froth - Duress

Label: Wichita Recordings

Lacerated dashes crash pneumatic jags in effervescent post-rock shoe-gaze as, “Duress,” resets machine-pressed anomalies exploring microtonal drone-pop with tasty abrasive glazes and tart narcotic whispers coiled around stoic hypnosis. Engineered eeriness flows over Froth’s ominous somnambulists, liberating conflicted instincts tinged in methodical madness from mechanical hearts embracing industrial serenity. Froth along with Seattle heavyweights Versing play UW’s Terrace June 28th.

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