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Kid Wave - Wonderlust

Kid Wave - Wonderlust

Kid Wave
Label: Heavenly Records

Cruise-missile blizzards chisel tousled dream-pop insomnia, Kid Wave’s thick, but sensitive intensity craft sleek chassis onto whip-smart go-carts, the London-based, internationally-casted quartet’s sassy rallies balance competence beside confidence for swift deliverance of fragile goods. Sleepy pleads fend off narcotic pillow-talk, lowering, “Wonderlust,” under solidly modern sonics; slinky commitments sprinkled in nightclub glitter applied by poker-faced mavens played with blissful indifference.

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Kristoffer and the Harbour Heads - EX/EX

Kristoffer and the Harbour Heads - EX/EX

Kristoffer and the Harbour Heads
Label: self-release

Scoffing operas taunting two-act theatrics with elastic extravaganzas, the nefarious, “Ex/Ex.” splashes social catastrophes into sinful bingeing cinematics featuring ravenous lip-smacking tragedies. Plastering gossamer-rock gossip onto randy banter through catchy New Wave soul, Kristopher and company’s saucy scorn unfurl street-parade cabaret littered in prancing fantasies; lizard-king flings with glam-pop bell-hops dissecting delectable medleys painted in broad strokes and trifling vices.

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Kevin Krauter - Toss Up

Kevin Krauter - Toss Up

Kevin Krauter
Toss Up
Label: Bayonet Records

Soft-spoken odes to eternal summer loves spun from jazzy shadow-dancing fantasies, Krauter allows sophistication to seep into his sun-soaked sweetness, pastel-colored questions leaking into seamless allegiances glide beside subdued poolside ruminations and glazed seventies radiance. Unburdened journeys tackle personal concerns with untapped passion catapulting, “Toss,” into radio-ready romance delivered in serene heart-shaped daydreams, dizzy gee-whiz sympathies and waltzing wind-tossed confidence.

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