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The Mommyheads - Soundtrack to the World’s End

The Mommyheads - Soundtrack to the World’s End

The Mommyheads
Soundtrack to the World’s End
Label: Dead Frog Records

Grim wits sneak silver-lining shine to doomsday gloom as, “End,” renders tender amends spiked in savvy arena-rock theatrics and haughty power-pop mockery; gripping last-minute sympathies cautioning hopeful atonements with tipping-point disappointments. Actors on a burning stage huddled around select recollections, The Mommyheads cast one-act ballads encompassing compassionate nostalgia, flabbergasted outrage and unsettling regrets into gorgeous bittersweet journeys down dead-end streets.

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Kelly Moran - Ultraviolet

Kelly Moran - Ultraviolet

Kelly Moran
Label: Warp Records

Sound-cluster sculptor and aural animator, Moran’s lively style stacks calculated cacophony into climatic happenstance; toppling hops overtaking rippling skips while brisk, exponential melodies engulf waterfall geometry married to fearlessly serial hysteria. A wonder and delight, “Ultraviolet,” negotiates, infatuates and retaliates with keyboard-driven expeditions decorated in gamelan tail-spins and divine pachinko symmetry, sorting assorted contorted choreography into lovely, enchanting and ticklish.

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Michele Mercure - Beside Herself

Michele Mercure - Beside Herself

Michele Mercure
Beside Herself
Label: RVNG Intl

Basement arcades whose blissful thrills blossom in primitive synchronicity, Mercure’s overdue anthology trips, flips and unfolds vintage synths and tampered samples marching down cyber-dream construction-sites armed with single-minded grooves chasing funky fire-flies among factory ruins. Surreal symphonies integrating mouse-trap Krautrock, “Herself,” chooses eerie palettes to compose haunting compositions for dances both stiff and spacey, natural and mechanical, flawless and accidental.

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Majken - Young Believer

Majken - Young Believer

Young Believer
Label: Kollektivet Records

Curious coronations formed from welcoming spells and majestic blessings, “Young Believer,” weaves enchanted piano, heavenly choirs and tugboat brass into nimble chamber-pop ballads swept up in dreamy divination. Swedish chanteuse, life student and self-taught harpist, Majken parlays naked fates against lush repercussions, posing both knowing and innocent while fashioning a mystical balance between benevolent polyphonic melancholy and tentatively centered reverie.

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