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Porches - The House

Porches - The House

The House
Label: Domino

Wooed in precious auto-tuned swoons fluttering over freshly-plucked percussion and subtle sultry synths, “House,” hosts sophisticated tastes whose aches quake and memories tremble; bon vivant savants’ tender architectural splendor supporting liquid glass tapestries poured over beseeching cotton-candy balladry. Heaven-sent sentimentalist Porches presents spellbound sonics surrounding emotional quandaries and haunting promise. The cyber-phantom romantic plays Madison’s High Noon Saloon February 23rd.

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Public Memory - Demolition

Public Memory - Demolition

Public Memory
Label: felte

Velvet neon streaked across galvanized clockwork, “Demolition,” blends ancient anchorless pangs into precise rhythmic devices for luscious zig-zag schematics infiltrating cool sonic fogs. Submitting shimmering images sinking in impoverished economy, billowing in silhouettes and tangled in directionless dimensions, Public Memory interjects fishbowl ghosts broaching cybernetic etiquette with mobile claustrophobia,  lost, vacuum-sealed lightning rods smoldering under stainless glazes and frosty blue-prints. 

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Tim Presley's White Fence - I Have to Feed Larry’s Hawk

Tim Presley's White Fence - I Have to Feed Larry’s Hawk

Tim Presley's White Fence
I Have to Feed Larry’s Hawk
Label: Drag City

Gritty, jittery surf-twang dirges crash irrational art-punk passions into casual goth-pop pathos as Presley’s baroque-folk mojo floats unhinged flings past refracted realities with eerie calm and devilish delirium. Rocked in cock-eyed ironies, analogue anarchy and supernatural theatrics, “Larry’s,” packs fractured twilight torch-songs around tender demented wig-outs; slow-drip trips shaking off memory-lane mind-games with trans-dimensional calliopes, flubber-toughened bass and ricochet-rattled guitars.

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Rozi Plain - What A Boost

Rozi Plain - What A Boost

Rozi Plain
What A Boost
Label: Memphis Industries

Ghost-jazz serenity coasts in seamless tonal flows painted bright with uncanny poise superimposed over immaculate alien fairy-tales; “Boost,” boots soft narcotic software rinsed in whispered swinging, manicured splurges and game-maker restraint. Hushed, art-pop hymns sprout horns in formal proportions as tactful mastermind Rozi Plain plots, flip-flops and slow-bops, hosting tasteful, post-modern world-beat roaming in golden ratios, raving beneath well-behaved races.

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Palehound - Black Friday

Palehound - Black Friday

Black Friday
Label: Polyvinyl

United in jaunty indie-pop conjugation and earnest, burgeoning soul-searching, Palehound’s multi-tasking aspirations connect reflective second-guesses to thirsty curiosity where timid self-image tends tender envy with verbal caresses redressing fleshy blessings. Demonstrable confidence celebrating fragile valor through visceral descriptions hip to shared joys, the tangibly candid, “Friday,”  transforms humble, home-demo authenticity into sophisticated engagements balancing patient postmortem refrains alongside full-bodied rebuttals.

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