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by John Noyd

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Quitzow - Juice Water

Quitzow - Juice Water

Juice Water
Label: Young Love Records

A sassy blast cushioned in glossy hopscotch and electro-pop pep rallies, “Juice,” moves and grooves, mixing unflinching studio gizmos, catchy caffeinated effervescence and socio-pathic party-girl pronouncements for a rad platter of fresh, funky fun. Daring, digital dalliances romp through slap-happy vamps as East Coast upstart Quitzow trips happily past punk-diva poseurs into post-millennial sentiments.

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Quiet Company - Transgressor

Quiet Company - Transgressor

Quiet Company
Label: Modern Outsider

Tender hearts and dry wit mix with rollicking pop-rock fits dipped in double-barreled alt-country sizzle; charming carny barkers Quiet Company serenade cowboy romantics with synth-synched roller-rink wisdom and scorching back-porch payback. Rousing shouts, Velcro hooks and sharp, smart anecdotes wake courageous dreamers, restless toe-tappers and gentle thieves as, “Transgressor,” prowls incessantly; alert to love’s dangers, life’s ironies and music’s power.

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Quilt - Plaza

Quilt - Plaza

Label: Mexican Summer

Wide-eyed pop-rock trotted through cosmic meadows and hatched inside blazing paisley; the sly unbridled psychedelics of, “Plaza,” waft through magical Saturday after-thoughts with trippy sixties innocence and wise enlightened hindsight. Narco-minstrel convictions gliding inside slinky guitar-driven rhythms, Quilt’s groovy moon-struck doodles swing between sparkling star-dusted harmonics and suspiciously delicious ear-worm turns for a sweet voyeur’s voyage around dreamy sugar-coated scenery.

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Quiet Slang - Everything Matters But No One Is Listening

Quiet Slang - Everything Matters But No One Is Listening

Quiet Slang
Everything Matters But No One Is Listening
Label: Polyvimyl

Sharp, biting piano trills lift lofty, hive-minded cellos above poignant, bowery choirs harmonizing in drowsy after-hours confessions while, ‘Everything,” rehashes dashed hopes with well-timed defiance and ragged pathos. Beach Slang’s Alex James’ beautiful reinterpretation of his own work stands as a transformative testament, a daring reassessment and a musical triumph. Catch QS June 14th playing Milwaukee’s Colectivo Coffee’s Back Room.

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