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Shopping - The Official Body

Shopping - The Official Body

The Official Body
Label: Fat Cat

Stacked in hyperactive passion announcing grass-roots counseling alongside animal-paneled pouncing, blunt British dance-punks Shopping jump past slumming proletarian presumptions with breakneck pecks and slithery rhythms from rooftop sleuths cruising urban jungles. The snappy clash between willfully fidgety guitar, wriggling fingered bass and twitchy tumbling drums cascade, “Official,” into careening street-parade paranoia with chain-clanging danger lurking behind every lurching, assertive verse. 

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Suuns - Felt

Suuns - Felt

Label: Secretly Canadian

Interstellar bottom-dwellers Suuns stoke tense, probing microtones into lurid, industrial furnaces burning mechanical alien samplings; contorted, Gordian knots tied by sneaky, schematic strategists keen on discreet frequencies. Timid minimalism skittering in antsy post-nuclear trances heighten paranoid self-absorption and eerie conspiracy as, “Felt,” superimposes eroding ghosts over menacing presence manifesting half-buried tremors exposing glowing, cyber-snaked databanks primed in grimy, post-pillaged villainy.

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The Sea and Cake - Any Day

The Sea and Cake - Any Day

The Sea and Cake
Any Day
Label: Thrill Jockey

Polished solace follows spacious placement when chilled jangle meets contagious persuasions inside Sea and Cake’s frictionless missions; aloof, bullet-proof teenage symphonies drizzled in gentle, penetrating empathy, deflected affections and heavy-lidded suggestions. Zen jazz-pop send-offs sponsoring rich, white-water rapid tapestries driven home in honed beats, “Day,” sways in rootless musings toasted in glowing harmonic osmosis and molded in mellow, cellophane mind-games.

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Sleepy Zuhoski - Better Haze

Sleepy Zuhoski - Better Haze

Sleepy Zuhoski
Better Haze
Label: Palo Santo Records

Lonesome hobo folk-pop dressed in platonic wanderlust, “Haze,” shape-shifts between dark, bewitching invitations and get-along songs rustling catchy chameleon appetites hungry for bendable intentions. Crafted narratives navigating haphazard happiness, Zuhoski waxes and wonders in carousel melodies voicing hypnotic thoughts following far-flung orbits; woozy acoustics perusing loose upbeat truths while road-tested electrics send tender regards from sparkling guitars and serpentine keyboards.

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Seasaw - Big Dogs

Seasaw - Big Dogs

Big Dogs
Label: Seasaw Records

Girlish verve swerves and snappy patter curls in silky butterfly trills and bright concise coos as ingénue groovers Seasaw bop, cleverly leveraging novel thoughts from tidy hooks, catchy choruses and bristling riffs. Combining focus and fury, the dynamic duo sizzle throughout, “Big,” digging in deep to stand tall, pitching enticing bite-sized plights over articulate misfit pop-songs colored in alluring coercion.

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Silent Servant - Shadows of Death and Desire

Silent Servant - Shadows of Death and Desire

Silent Servant
Shadows of Death and Desire
Label: Hospital Productions

Diode-toasted motorists piloting breathing machines, heat-seeking Silent Servant merges sullen pulses into roaming monotones; luminous, chattering patterns inhabiting slumbering hums amid throbbing pongs. Manufactured patch-bay midwives birthing cyborg orchestras, SS conducts daring binary aerobatics spitting Ritalin spinners with matrix-stripped persistence. Stroboscopic flip-flops stir-fried in wobbly trigonometry, “Shadows,” salivates in palatable electronics, hunger-driven rhythms and generative sedatives washed in anxious databanks.

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Strand of Oaks - Eraserland

Strand of Oaks - Eraserland

Strand of Oaks
Label: Dead Oceans

Cavernous rapture riding twilight-bitten blues through fog-bound ballads, Strand of Oak’s embroiled scuffles muscle shuttered moods mounted in hounded folk-emo majesty; serrated raves paved in brave self-doubt. Birthed in melodramatic surges and contemplative fates, “Eraserland,” draws gritty vision-boards from pendulum-swinging cliff-hangers, amending tender reflections into glorious reforms then sending fond remembrances sullied ultimatums. SoO plays Madison’s High Noon May 2nd.

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