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    by John Noyd

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    Juana Molina - Halo

    Juana Molina - Halo

    Juana Molina
    Label: Crammed Discs

    A primordial courtship between sultry synthesized slithering and limber South American rhythms, “Halo,” percolates in balmy cyber-samba calm, looping smoky jungle fugues around languid sleepwalker tangos to color galactic tapestries with eerie delirium. Soothing computer voodoo spawned from quirky circuitry, Molina’s sleek creatures oscillate between aqueous gymnastics painted in exotic polish and savvy electro-folk magic rooted in woozy spooky sensuality.

    Juana Molina WebsiteJuana Molina FacebookJuana Molina Wiki

    This Is The Kit - Moonshine Freeze

    This Is The Kit - Moonshine Freeze

    This Is The Kit
    Moonshine Freeze
    Label: Rough Trade

    Imaginative patterns invoking indigenous wisdom with delicate fellowship, This Is The Kit’s beguiling style allies curlicue grooves with mythical lyrics for rhythmic rivulets delivering indie-pop ingenuity inside butterfly jigs, healing reels and sober odes. Bouncing between jazzy smack-downs amid Celtic incantations and bewitching whimsy encased in brassy art-rock cool, “Freeze,” weaves wishing-well spells around joy-infused tunes and soulful post-folk adventures.

    This Is The Kit WebsiteThis Is The Kit FacebookThis Is The Kit Wiki

    Gogol Bordello - Seekers and Finders

    Gogol Bordello - Seekers and Finders

    Gogol Bordello
    Seekers and Finders
    Label: Cooking Vinyl

    Punk gumption funneled into braying horns and dervish-serviced fiddles, the defiant, strident, Gogol Bordello’s quick-pivoting Balkan-rock rains raving Spaghetti Western rampages over Bolshevik-rich mosh-pits with skulking muscle and barking espionage. Growling defcon stomps packed in Cossack cool, “Seekers,” wreak compassionate havoc with gypsy-swinging opinions inhabiting iron-willed party-tunes. Opening for Modest Mouse, the band plays Madison’s Breese Stevens Field September 30th.

    Gogol Bordello WebsiteGogol Bordello FacebookGogol Bordello Wiki

    Monster Rally - Flowering Jungle

    Monster Rally - Flowering Jungle

    Monster Rally
    Flowering Jungle
    Label: Gold Robot Records

    Looped grooves from Cuban big-bands mash hip-dipping cha-cha-chas to Hawaiian sunsets and moon-lit cocktails as lush, revisionist kitsch bewitches an inquisitive, “Flowering,” with vintage crate-digging synchronicity. Remixing exotica with hip-hop beats, Monster Rally’s balalaikas, marimbas, slack-key guitar and congas infuse the nostalgic scavenging with lavish backing for tasty sound oases, green bygone Edens spritzed in glitchy mystery and stereophonic harmonics.

    Monster Rally WebsiteMonster Rally Facebook

    Here Lies Man - You Will Know Nothing

    Here Lies Man - You Will Know Nothing

    Here Lies Man
    You Will Know Nothing
    Label: RidingEasy Records

    Chugging jungle thunder plants head-banging chants among high-strung drum-lines weighing, “Nothing,” with festival heaviness whose rich rhythms spin rattle-snake earthquakes and ravenous Saturday Afrobeat raves. A thick stomp-rock stew cooked in psychedelic underbellies, Here Lies Man construct riff-rich rituals around bluesy boogies and heavy-metal head-butts, combining power, grit and agility to scoop hallucinogenic get-downs from tribe-inspired parties celebrating iron-clad madness.

    Here Lies Man WebsiteHere Lies Man Facebook

    Turning Jewels Into Water - Map of Absences

    Turning Jewels Into Water - Map of Absences

    Turning Jewels Into Water
    Map of Absences
    Label: FPE Records

    Indigenous intermissions splicing dark jungle twitches into crack manufactured happenings, “Map,” uncaps globe-trotting trances ramped in cyber-industrial tribalism; pumped drum-circle glitches casting powerful incantations cut into funky, digitized reductions. Smooth-glass balderdash orbiting beyond ambient tampering, TJIW’s precisely positioned fractal catapults make remixable trips for eternally recurring contortions, future-pop art-museums beamed back to Earth in slick, rhythmic linguistics and shape-shifting kismet.

    Turning Jewels Into Water WebsiteTurning Jewels Into Water Facebook

    Boogarins - Sombrou Dúvida

    Boogarins - Sombrou Dúvida

    Sombrou Dúvida
    Label: OAR

    Cyber-soupy grooves doused in water-born Diaspora saunter seaside inside heady sighs and sleepy guitars while, “Sombrou,” simmers in woozy driftwood nuance oozing casual jet-lagged jazz peppered with galactic prog-rock magic served over slow-broiled psychedelic elegance. Hypnotic astral operators, the sultry Boogarins inhabit diaphanous afternoons basking in Latin sizzle, capturing classic twilight appetites in phantom romance, sunset regrets and fickle rhythms.

    Boogarins WebsiteBoogarins FacebookBoogarins Wiki

    Pedro Kastelijns - Som das Luzis

    Pedro Kastelijns - Som das Luzis

    Pedro Kastelijns
    Som das Luzis
    Label: OAR

    Zany mania tamed in psycho-samba soufflés, “Luzis,” muses in jarring cartoon lunacy, commanding gizmo-prone jabberwocky waking and shaking narcoleptic benders riding bold, dismembered tropical-pop dropped into rabbit-hole side-shows. Basted in booming bass, tasty bossa nova escapes and bouncy gaucho detours, psychedelic Brazilian Kastelijns’ lavender caverns spew groovy tunes fire-roasted and slightly singed, crispy fringe-art binges rattling cages and sparking imaginations.

    Pedro Kastelijns WebsitePedro Kastelijns Facebook


    Lee "Scratch" Perry - Heavy Rain

    Lee "Scratch" Perry
    Heavy Rain
    Label: On-U Sound

    Rock-steady grooves moving beneath phantom chants, haunted harmonica and sad brass, “Rain,” rains, “Soldiers collecting souls,” and “Children of the Night,” over slippery redemption days blazing in faith served by curdling serpentine certainty. Karmic shaman Perry’s scrubbed dub companion to this year’s revelatory, “Rainford,” welcomes mothership liberations; baptized night-walker trance channeling blessed messages through loose, echo-chamber complacency and studio-proven juju.

    Lee "Scratch" Perry WebsiteLee "Scratch" Perry FacebookLee "Scratch" Perry Wiki

    Sir Richard Bishop - Oneiric Formulary

    Sir Richard Bishop - Oneiric Formulary

    Sir Richard Bishop
    Oneiric Formulary
    Label: Drag City

    A renaissance man on the guitar, the adventurous Bishop flits from continents to cultures with textbook dexterity imposed on a squirrelly curiosity whose wide reach encompasses ancient sanctuaries, midnight markets and alien landscapes. A roadmap for swirling dervishes sizzling in sinister sound-pictures and tipsy gypsies reenacting immaculate bacchanalia, “Oneiric,” honors, channeling agile talent alongside an encyclopedic appreciation for international passions.

    Sir Richard Bishop WebsiteSir Richard Bishop FacebookSir Richard Bishop Wiki

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