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Laura Veirs - The Lookout

Laura Veirs - The Lookout

Laura Veirs
The Lookout
Label: Raven Marching Band

Drawn from home-baked jazz-folk moments arranged in cool, modern-pop, Veirs’ clear, uncluttered visions circle over canyon trailheads and penthouse patios, caressing impressions flickering with wistful sophistication. Airy, tailored rhinestone arias, “Lookout,” oversees warm words tuned to steel guitars and string quartets; elemental memories ride ascending melodies bundled among maternal wonder and trusted comforts frolicking alongside high-flying swing-sets and gentle jungle-gyms.

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Valley Queen - Supergiant

Valley Queen - Supergiant

Valley Queen
Label: Roll Call Records

Heart-pounding West-coast rock powered by smoldering Valkyrie vocals fusing cruising blues to jumping country, “Supergiant,” soars over placid spotlight ballads swimming in deep sleepy jangle, pairing curve-hugging percussion to soul-baring melodies while riding spiraling six-string flings. Steamy truths weave Valley Queen’s brave embraces, searching concerns and pending questions into curried fury and tactical passion, distilling shadow-filled thrills from incandescent wills.

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Sharon Van Etten - Remind Me Tomorrow

Sharon Van Etten - Remind Me Tomorrow

Sharon Van Etten
Remind Me Tomorrow
Label: Jagjaguwar

Languid entanglements make moody mazes for the indomitable, “Tomorrow,” whose manipulated sounds, melodramatic melodies and methodical percussion exhume funeral gloom into cutting rebuttals; newborn scorn knitting distant intimacy into proud alt-rock shrouds.  Combative reactions, glorious abandon and self-assured purges flavor Van Etten’s psychological toffee, churning obscure cures into elusive proofs to assist hard-bitten victims sweeping romantic debris from bittersweet secrets.

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