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Evans the Death - Expect Delays

Evans the Death - Expect Delays

Evans the Death
Expect Delays
Label: Slumberland Records

Rummaging among post-punk fun, indie-rock rage and swinging English soul, young Londoners Evans the Death chain flirty dirges to bratty-savvy ballads; hiding breath-taking craft beneath crashing attacks from withering wit hidden in scuzzy buzz. Casually calculating, sparring guitars rally incorrigible organ and rampaging percussion as, “Delays,” display laid-back jangle brimming in rebellious melodies and dark-tinted binges plastered with maddening dissatisfaction.

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Soldiers of Fortune - Early Risers

Soldiers of Fortune - Early Risers

Soldiers of Fortune
Early Risers
Label: Mexican Summer

A heat-seeking cluster of scavenger bluster propels sweltering spells into blues-sutured garage-rock nirvana; “Early,” hurtles mortared support behind a loosely-knit super-group wailing away in blissfully blistering six-string raves. Out of the gate swinging, SOF’s raucous caucus rides an iron-clad herd in hammering rambling stampedes, raging against life-sapping apathy with cannonball abandon splattered in muscular gusto, friendly benders and cathartic kick-starters.

Soldiers of Fortune Website

Cate LeBon - Crab Day

Cate LeBon - Crab Day

Cate LeBon
Crab Day
Label: Drag City

Rube Goldberg Krautrock washed in quirky punch-drunk waltzes and swimming in bristling Escher-like connections, “Crab,” scuttles unfiltered, off-kilter pop wringing giddy riddles from cryptic figments stuttering kinder-goth subplots. Tinkering in slinky kismet while staging sly cock-eyed comedies, LeBon’s Welsh elf gifts brisk asymmetrical riffs to stiff prickly rhythms while gleeful secrets pirouette around deliberately splintered binges scooped from untamed left-brains.

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Cool Ghouls - Animal Races

Cool Ghouls - Animal Races

Cool Ghouls
Animal Races
Label: Empty Cellar

A late-sixties throw-back telegraphed in kaleidoscopic jangle wrangling brittle six-string synergy, “Animal,” tips a narcoleptic Stetson to West Coast ghosts wrestling echo-laden wig-outs tripping in electric finger-picking and sweetened with tumbleweed pedal-steel and heady harmonies. Yearning folk-rock hold-outs prone to exquisite psychedelic rampages and transcendental anecdotes, Cool Ghouls’ concrete cowboys pound paisley pavements chasing hard-scrambled solos engulfed in house-party R&B.

Cool Ghouls Website

Tobacco - Sweatbox Dynasty

Tobacco - Sweatbox Dynasty

Sweatbox Dynasty
Label: Ghostly International

Deranged, disturbed and delightful, “Sweatbox,” rocks funky monster-grinds erupting in hissing nanobot troglodytes; flipped micro-chips plunging in industrial dungeons crunch transistorized data-dumps scampering under cyborg firestorms. A sleazy heaving band of experimental bandits bandaging clogged sprockets with greasy secrets, Tobacco’s syrupy Wurlitzer courtesies wrap around bossy, glossy oscillations as slow-burn turns churn in flustered thrusts, wobbly throbs and plastic attractions.

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Bash & Pop - Anything Could Happen

Bash & Pop - Anything Could Happen

Bash & Pop
Anything Could Happen
Label: Fat Possum

Lo-fi tigers colliding in double-barreled rockabilly benders and smarmy garage-rock raves, Tommy Stinson’s Bash & Pop demolishes by swinging rhythms attacking deranged twang while trolling a rip-roaring Rolodex of snarling roadhouse blues. A rollicking, rocketing joyride, “Anything,” swerves with curve-ball assaults heralding feral melt-downs primed in street-wise desires and con-artist barn-burners. Bash & Pop play Milwaukee’s Cactus Club January 13th

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Brother Reverend - The Tables Turn Too Often

Brother Reverend - The Tables Turn Too Often

Brother Reverend
The Tables Turn Too Often
Label: self-release

Moonshine-primed rabble-rousing spills from bohemian-themed honky-tonk, turning, “Tables,” into flimflam jams liquored in riverboat burlesque and juke-joint jamborees churning out loose-knitted blues-rooted story-songs bent in carnival charm, sideshow hokum and tale-spinning whimsy. Dandy shenanigans bandied between basement raves, backwoods hootenannies and greasy-spoon ballrooms, Brother Reverend revive and revel in weathered garage-gospel hospitality, indie-rock jesters grifting rickety wisdom from dubious collusion.

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