Frank Bello

Frank Bello Talks "Fathers, Brothers, and Sons" with DeWook Tour
by DeWook
August 2021

Frank Bello  - photo by DeWook

Frank Bello
photo by DeWook

It’s fall 1987, I’m freezing my you-know-whats off and standing in an ally waiting to get into a show. My first show. THE show… The show that wouldn’t let me stay home that night. What was I doing standing in this cold air in shorts and a denim jacket? Waiting on a metal show, waiting for Anthrax. It was loud and hot and I had no idea what to expect. I loved every minute of it. Raw energy was oozing from the stage and it was coming right at me. And it wasn’t going to stop.

But I’ve grown up, had kids, and and pursued a career that has led me to become who I am today. But, the music of my youth, my idols, they never left. They have evolved and grown to expand and share their experiences with me, with you, with us.

When I found out Frank Bello of Anthrax had released a book, I was immediately curious and this was perfect opportunity to learn more about the more private side of Frank Bello.

The book hit home with its words and form.

Author, Actor, and Bassist of Anthrax, Frank Bello is a humble human being who keeps Family first and has overcome and redirected the pain in his life into a positive message that we all can relate to.

As Frank says, “A family oasis can be large or small, its doesn’t matter. Its always Family.”

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Please enjoy the following interview.

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