4 Aspirin Morning

An interview with Madison ska-punkers 4 Aspirin Morning
by Mike Huberty
November 2012

4 Aspirin Morning

4 Aspirin Morning

As one of the busiest bands in Madison, 4 ASPIRIN MORNING has been kicking around the scene since 2009 as a mobile party unit unloading their classic ska-punk for a rabid and expanding fanbase far beyond the rude boys and girls traditionally associated with the genre. They’ve shared the stage with Third Wave Ska stalwarts like MUSTARD PLUG and DEAL’S GONE BAD, all the while integrating elements of metal and hard rock to put their own spin on the genre into a head-banging, fist-pumping, skanking buck wild cocktail. Their new release, “Skanks 4: The Memories”, will be unleashed on November 24th at a special release party called “Skanksgiving” at The Brink Lounge in Madison. Max Ink took some time to talk to singer Chandon Vicarious, bassist Drew Ferguson, sax player Mooney Soho, trombonist Stranger D. Davenport, trumpet man Joey Underfuck, and guitarist LeX, in anticipation for the new collection of tracks.

MI: What inspired you guys to pick up instruments and play in the first place?
Mooney: The horns used to get absolutely shitfaced while playing Rockband and say “Heyyyy, we should form a ska band!”
Drew: Then we found a Craigslist ad for a ska band.

MI: So, who were your favorite artists growing up?
Mooney: Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo and Michaelangelo. Rancid, NOFX, Bad Religion, Neil Diamond.
Drew: The Beatles, Blink 182.
Chandon: Ministry, Leftover Crack, Sublime, also a whole bunch of gangsta rap, Cypress Hill, Ice Cube. Early grunge artists like Soundgarden and Nirvana.

MI: With influences as diverse as that, who were the bands that you guys gelled on as musicians? The ones that inspired all of you together?
Lex: Actually, the best thing about the 4AM is that we all have a huge bunch of totally different influences but still somehow make it all work together.

MI: What was the thing that struck you the most about ska, especially the ska-punk variety?
Davenport: The DRINKING. I mean… it’s about partying, that’s what it’s about.
Chandon: So, we’ve totally labeled Davenport now as “The Party Guy” for this interview.
Joe: It’s fun, and the energy is good.
Lex: People at the shows usually DANCE and give a shit, the spirit is a different thing.
Joe: It’s hard to be sad listening to ska music.

MI: What would you recommend as the song to listen to for people who are listening to 4AM for the first time?
Drew: “Shoreline”
Chandon: “Carve the Sky” and “Anarchy Cake” [off the new record]. When we were in studio Bill at Paradyme was listening to “Anarchy Cake” and asked me, “How long is this song. Two and a half minutes? Basically you guys just took me through the last 20 years of punk music… You had the best parts of what I liked about RANCID, the cool parts of SUBLIME, and early MISFITS and put it all into one song somehow.”

MI: You guys have been incredibly busy over the past couple of years, what’s been your favorite show so far?
Chandon: Uhhh, there was that one show I needed seven stitches when we opened for MUSTARD PLUG.
Drew: Yeah the MUSTARD PLUG show where Chandon ripped his arm open was awesome. ‘Cuz it was just crazy.
Lex: There’s so many. They’ve all been awesome.

MI: And so for the people who haven’t seen you deliver live yet, what can new people expect from a 4AM show?
Drew: There was that one show where Chandon ripped his arm open.
Mooney: If you stand too close you will get a trombone in the teeth.
Chandon: Hey, don’t say that, people won’t want to get close.
Davenport: Well that would help ME out. I think I’ve knocked about six people in the face with a trombone, I took a guy’s tooth out once.
Joe: For everyone to get drunk and start dancing.

You can check out 4 ASPIRIN MORNING several times over the next month. They’ll be rocking the Club Tavern in Middleton on Saturday, November 10th, Skanksgiving at The Brink on Saturday, November 24th (where everyone that attends gets a special pre-release copy of the new album), The Frequency on Friday November 30th with Chicago’s DEAL’S GONE BAD, and then on Saturday, December 1st, they’ll be laying it down at the Frequency for MAXMas Volume 3 (a special Christmas party featuring a huge selection of Madison’s hard rock, punk, and metal bands!). Show goes from 2-7pm.

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