Aaron Williams and Beth Kille Join Forces on New Year’s Eve

An interview with Muscians Aaron Williams and Beth Kille
by Mike Huberty
December 2013

Aaron Williams & The Hoodoo

Aaron Williams & The Hoodoo

Madison music mainstays, AARON WILLIAMS AND THE HOODOO and the BETH KILLE BAND, have both been performing, releasing albums regularly, and winning multiple awards from the Madison Area Music Association for years now. Aaron brings a modern sensibility to the traditional blues and Beth underwent a metamorphosis from rock frontwoman (the magnificent CLEAR BLUE BETTY) to country-tinged singer-songwriter. They’re joining forces on New Year’s Eve with a special double bill on the big stage at The Brink Lounge in Madison. We took a few minutes to talk to them to catch up and get a sneak preview of the big night.

MI: So what’s new with everyone?
AW: We just came out with a live album recorded at the harmony bar in Madison. We also just booked a show at the top blues venue in the world, called Buddy Guy’s Legends in Chicago, we are excited about that! And of course, the New Year’s Eve show!
BK: Aw man, AARON WILLIAMS AND THE HOODOO is far more interesting than the BETH KILLE BAND. We’re finally working on some new material after riding the wave of the “Dust” album that came out last November. Hoping to have a new release in 2014 that’s not just another “Beth Kille solo” album but an actual Beth Kille Band album. I’ve got a steady group of players now (Michael Tully on guitar, Michael Mood on bass and Tony Kille on drums) who have really been inspiring to me so I’m hoping to do more collaborative writing with this group.

MI: Okay, Beth, what songs would you recommend off Dust for people to check out then?
BK: “I’ve Been Accused”, which was cowritten with Jessi Lynn and “I Can’t Love You Anymore”, which I wrote with Connie Mims, have both been getting spins on the radio in the state so I’m pretty jazzed about that!

MI: So, Aaron, with your new live album… what tracks do you feel really captured your sound?
AW: We do a Hoodoo medley at the end of our set and disc with “It Ain’t Easy”, “Gypsy Queen”, and the “Star Spangled Banner”. I feel like the three of us captured the Hoodoo essence in those three songs, loud, intense improv that was completely in the moment. It had a little bit of everything. I’m happy we got that on tape. The whole CD was one take, no overdubbing, purely a life recording, a stamp on time. After doing 1000 shows together, this CD was the conclusion to our first 1000 shows as a band.

Beth KilleMI: So what made you guys decide to do the show together?
BK: Aaron approached me about it a couple months ago and I said, “Oh, hell yes!” It’s always a party with those guys. We are honored they asked and very excited to do the show with them. Aaron and I have been friends for years and have done a lot of successful shows together. Even though our styles are different, we seem to reach a similar demographic with our music.
AW: I’m in love with Tony, Beth’s husband, and the only way I can get close to him is booking shows with Beth (laughs). Beth has been a long time friend and she gave me a shot and helped me out when I was a new kid on the block and no one heard of AARON WILLIAMS AND THE HOODOO in Madison. She was and is still the kindest musician I’ve ever met. The work she does for the Madison music scene is amazing. She’s a dear friend and an amazing musician and performer. We both believe that the coolest thing about playing music is by making our fans smile and make people forget about their troubles. That’s why I wanted to do a show with her, pure unadulterated love for the art of making our friends smile.
BK: Thanks for those kind words. (smiles)

MI: Are you guys practicing at all together? Any duets in the works?
AW: No duets planned!
BK: I got dragged off the stage by security last time I jumped up on stage with him (no joke, I was 7 months pregnant at the time and had opened the show and the security guard at the Majestic didn’t recognize me) so I’m a little leery, but you just never know what might happen.

MI: What are your New Years’ resolutions for 2014?
BK: Uh…resolutions…now what’s that? I seriously suck at resolutions so I never bother. Maybe I should try to get more sleep though. That seems like a good one.
AW: Ahhhhh, sorry! No resolutions for this guy either!

MI: Alright, then how about your plans for 2014? What new things can your audience expect?
AW: We are going back into the studio to record a studio album in fall of 2014, a very nice festival season is looking like a great summer. Look for more new songs, new venues, and more good times.

Those good times start rolling at 9pm (doors at 8) at The Brink on New Year’s Eve!

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Aaron Williams and Beth Kille Join Forces on New Year’s Eve
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