Anew Revolution

An interview with bassist Frankie Salvaggio
by Tina Hall
September 2010

Anew Revolution

Anew Revolution

Anew Revolution is made up of Joey Duenas (Vocals/Guitar), Frank “Frankie” Salvaggio (Bass/Backing Vocals), Rob Urbani (Drums), and Jay Frederick (Guitar). They have toured alongside acts like 12 Stones, Hell Yeah, Volbeat, Kittie, Sevendust, Hed PE, and Drowning Pool. The latest release iMerica is out now on E1 records and the band will be at Scatz in Middleton on November 5th and the Eagles Club in Milwaukee on November 6th.

Maximum Ink: There isn’t much about Anew Revolution out there. Can you tell us a little about your background? Where you are from, how it influenced you musically?
Frank Salvaggio: Anew Revolution is made up of myself & Rob from Montreal, Canada, Joey is from Austin, TX and Jay is from Ventura, CA. Personally I’m influenced from some great rock/metal bands that came to Montreal like Metallica, Motley Crue, Guns n’ Roses, Iron Maiden, The Cult, Deftones.Watching those bands live was like an awakening for me and highly inspired me to be the musician I am.

MI: When did you first take up bass? Why?
FS: I took up bass when I was 13 years. It was summertime and my buddy wanted to start a band. He was of course the guitar player and I opted for the bass because I thought it would be a interesting, different instrument to play.

MI: Where does the name Anew Revolution come from? How did they come up with the name?
FS: Joey, Rob and I we’re trying to think of a bold, strong name, and we thought of “Revolution”, but that seemed too simple. So we said, hey we’re all from past bands and we’re starting all over again with this band so it’s like starting “Anew” so we said, “Anew Revolution”.

MI: How does iMerica differ from past albums?
FS: iMerica is an album made by the people, for the people. The album is certainly influenced by the trials and tribulations that we survived economically and personally. But it’s not a self-referential album. It’s all encompassing and inherently understands the problems most Americans are dealing with. The last album Rise was not as thematic as iMerica but more of a compilation of emotions that we’ve experienced over the years.

MI: Of all the artists you have toured alongside who did you enjoy working with most and why?
FS: Touring with Sevendust is always amazing. They are the mold of what a well-oiled, talented touring machine/band should be. They bring it every night and inspire us in the process.

MI: Do you have any interesting stories from the road that you are at liberty to share?
FS: Well let’s just say that there was a night on tour this year where we got entangled in a mix of lots of booze, fighting, a crazy/drunk woman with a gun and we managed to all get out alive…haha that’s all you get.

MI: How would you describe the live show?
FS: Intense, real, in your face and extremely high energy.

MI: What are some of your hobbies?
FS: Watch and follow all that is hockey, write music of course, travel, get outdoors and work my internet magic…haha

MI: What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
FS: It was from Dave from Disturbed years ago when I was in Slaves on Dope and we shared the stage together on Ozzfest 2000. He noticed that I was one of the only ones not in my RV partying and I had just come back from the crowd with a pack back of band flyers and he said “That’s what will keep you going in the business, being in touch with your fans and being persistent in getting your word out.” And here I am 10 years later still going at it.

MI: What projects are in the works?
FS: More touring, bigger tours like the Hard Drive XL tour with Sevendust & 10 Years, and hopefully some touring in Europe followed by more new music in the future. All I can say is come check us out live and if you like us, spread the word about Anew Revolution. Make sure you follow us on:,

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