Bash In The Bluffs 3

by Larry Bush
March 2014



We’ve all come to love the Madison music scene.  It is diverse, welcoming and constantly in motion.  We recognize its quality, its passion, and people in between the notes that make their creations seem all the more enjoyable.  The bands in this region continue to blossom, expand, and establish Madison as a musical hotbed to be acknowledged and reckoned with across the country and beyond.  That creative expansion will continue on Saturday, March 29th at The Pumphouse in Baraboo, Wisconsin, with Bash In The Bluffs 3: BASH BASH BASH.

A five-band bill for the ages promises to showcase all of the finest aspects of the region’s sonic aspirations, as Ultrea, Wall Of Funk, Blacker Brothers Band, Sexy Ester, and 4 Aspirin Morning descend upon the otherwise quiet hillsides of Baraboo. 

Ultrea boasts a sound friendly to both mainstream rock radio listeners and melodic, post-hardcore enthusiasts, alike.  The female-fronted quintet is sure to engage audiences with their seemingly innate sense of stage presence, thought-provoking lyricism, and dynamic wall of sound.  Blending soft, harmonic vocals with occasional screams, the group will certainly draw comparisons to the likes of Lacuna Coil, Evanescence, and others.  The band has been playing out heavily in recent years and is more than prepared to blow the roof off.

Madison funk-metal trio Wall Of Funk is also up the task.  Their set will feature extended guitar solos at the hands of the excellent Joe Marsden, Flea-like precision and style from bassist Lennon Baker, and the perfect rhythmic sensibilities of drummer Cal Lamore to glue the band’s innovative arrangements together.  They will summon thoughts of Primus and the Red Hot Chili Peppers with their quirky interplay and all-too-fun stage antics, and always promise an exciting and entertaining set.

Baraboo natives and virtuosos, The Blacker Brothers Band will inject the bill with uniquely arranged forays into blues, rock, funk, soul, and fusion.  Each member has been honing their craft for years in multiple projects, such as Know Boundaries, Hooch, and Pop Suicide, and have now coalesced to be the perfect change of pace on this diverse and loaded bill.

Sexy Ester has been filling midwest venues and leaving audiences floored for years.  Featuring one of the region’s finest and most dynamic vocalists in Lyndsay Evans, the group has developed a stage presence and knack for performance rarely matched.  The 5-piece will roam the stage dripping with style, intensity, and enthusiasm, with the songs and sound to back it up.  Easily one of the best and most devoted live bands in the midwest, they’ve established themselves as a must-see commodity anytime they hit the stage.

4 Aspirin Morning is the ultimate feel good band.  Having already established themselves as the Ska Kings of the Midwest, they will engage audiences with a raucous, party-like enthusiasm and genuine joy for performance.  Unleashing everything from classic Ska melodies to speedy punk sections and extended horn and guitar solos, they have a look and an energy all their own.  The ultra-talented bunch will frequently swap instruments and vocal duties throughout the set, all the while smiling ear to ear and jumping from left to right.  A true passion that undoubtedly reaches their audience, these guys are not to be missed.

Among the musical festivities of the evening, a brand new Fender Jaguar guitar will also be up for raffle.  Tickets are only $5 or you may purchase 5 for $20.  There is no limit on the number of tickets you can purchase, but there is a limited amount for sale, so act fast!  You do not need to be in attendance to win the raffle, and all tickets can be purchased in person at Baraboo Music Store or the Pumphouse bar and grill.

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